Kalyn Thompson, High School English Teacher, Accused of Trading Grades For Sex

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Kalyn Thompson, 25, an English teacher at an Oklahoma high school, is charged with second degree rape following an alleged relationship with a student.

She resigned from her position at Kellyville High School in April.

Investigators say that Thompson had worked at the school for less than a year when she began texting with a 17-year-old male student in December.

The text messages soon took on a sexual nature, administrators told police, and the relationship allegedly began to escalate into full blown sexual activity.

In a police interview, the victim, who is a junior, told investigators that he had sex with Thompson twice ... once at a local lake and once at a Tulsa motel.

"It will follow her for the rest of her career," Creek County Detective Chrissie Underwood said. "She probably will not have a career in teaching after this."

Although the age of consent in Oklahoma is 16, Underwood said that as a teacher, Thompson is an authority figure and therefore guilty of a crime.

"It's sad because they're vulnerable to it, and obviously he's getting good grades from it," she said, revealing the other component to the shocking story.

According to police, the victim was "flunking English last semester" but now that his liaison began, "currently has a 98 percent grade point average."

Maybe he's graded on a curve ... or how he handles hers.

High school staff found out about the relationship after two other students saw Thompson in the victim's truck away from school, took photos, and reported it.

Thompson is currently free on bail awaiting trial.


This is beyond ridiculous. She committed no crime, she violated the ethics of her job and yeah, she should get fired but she did not victimize a minor. An 18 year old can go to war, vote and is charged as an adult. Relationships between 18 and 25 year olds are common and who is to say that they don't (or didn't) actually care for one another. Hell, maybe that sharp increase in grades was a genuine improvement brought on by actual tutoring and an understandable reason to be motivated. An 18 year old will chew his own arm off to be with a sexy woman and who knows, she could have actually had his educational future in mind and was actually trying to help him with that on top of the sexy times. She should never had to face charges or had her name and face splashed all over the news and internet as a sexual predator. She simply is not. Just because something is wrong or a bad idea does not make it illegal.