JWoww BLASTS TMZ over Lil Kim Joke Article

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JWoww may be eight months pregnant, but she's clearly still someone you don't want to mess with.

Yesterday, TMZ published photos of JWoww along with a story about Lil Kim. It was an attempt at humor by the popular celebrity news site, but JWoww certainly isn't laughing.

The former Jersey Shore star posted a photo of herself flipping off the camera along with a caption that reads, "@TMZ for making fun of someone 8 months pregnant and her makeup!"

"Keep sucking that d--k on the street corner!"

Though she's kept a relatively low profile since the series that made her famous came to an end, Jenni has been back in the news recently as a result of her impending motherhood.

JWoww suffered a pregnancy scare in April that nearly caused her to miscarry.

So it's safe to say the public will likely side with the struggling mom-to-be in this war of words.

Perhaps TMZ was unaware of the difficult nature of Jenni's pregnancy (unlikely), or perhaps the idea of likening her to Lil Kim was just to funny to pass up.

Either way, mocking a pregnant woman's appearance is not a good look for the website.

JWoww later wrote on her website that she regretted the angry tweet, not because her feelings about TMZ had changed, but because she had allowed the site to make her feel "insecure" and question her hair and makeup choices.

She concluded, "Kiss my ass TMZ and every other hater."


can't blame Jenni for getting upset at that distasteful comparison she's due in about six weeks and very hormonal as most pregnant women are and looks nothing like lil Kim who is 4ft 11in while Jenni is 5ft 7in nearly a foot taller but they're both expecting their first child with their respective fiancé's MR Papers and Roger Matthews respectively and there's a twelve year age gap between them Lil Kim turns 40 July 11th while J-Woow turned 28 on February 27th meaning she shares a birthday with academy award winning screen legends Joanne GT Woodward-Newman and dame Elizabeth Rosmond Taylor they were born 2/27/1930 and 2/27/1932 respectively. both are expecting a girl sometime in June-July

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