Justin Bieber Rides Horse Shirtless, Compares Self to Indiana Jones

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Remember that time a tattooed Indiana Jones took off his shirt while riding a horse and posted photos from the experience on Instagram?

No? Justin Bieber totally does.

The singer took a break from drunk driving this week to soberly straddle a large animal, taking a jaunt around the Hollywood Hills with some friends on horseback.

The artist described the beast as a “pure bread stallion” online and added as a caption of the following picture:

“Is that young Indiana Jones. #skintightpants #igottachill.”

Justin Bieber on a Horse

Bieber, of course, could be chilling BEHIND BARS in the near future, with multiple people in authority saying the artist should be charged with a felony for allegedly egging his neighbor's home a few months ago.

The police lieutenant who led a search of Bieber's house recently came out and said Bieber deserves to face more than a misdemeanor for his actions. 

He could be charged any day now.


Bieber rode a horse, stop the presses. Was Kim and family not out today? I doubt anyone would turn a stallion loose in the Hollywood Hills. Very funny.


It's a shame gossip sites like this are used to smear people not liked by writers with inacurate reports so that the unthinking readers, who check nothing, believe every word.

@ ivan

Hold onto your panties grandpa
Why are you so angry? You are a little hostile Off your meds today? So I see little J on a horse what's not to believe? That he is pretending to be Indiana Jones, so what! That's the writer opinion it's called freedom of speech just like you gave yours. I get it you like him😜😜


Why don't you fuck off and leave this kid alone instead of trashing him over nothing in every opportunity?

@ ivan



it's getting better & bettedr, hahahahahahahahahahahaha!!


This child/man has terrible posture. He curls his shoulders in - almost like he is trying to make himself smaller.

@ robertL

He is smaller HaHa😆😆😆


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