Justin Bieber Rides Horse Shirtless, Compares Self to Indiana Jones

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Remember that time a tattooed Indiana Jones took off his shirt while riding a horse and posted photos from the experience on Instagram?

No? Justin Bieber totally does.

The singer took a break from drunk driving this week to soberly straddle a large animal, taking a jaunt around the Hollywood Hills with some friends on horseback.

The artist described the beast as a “pure bread stallion” online and added as a caption of the following picture:

“Is that young Indiana Jones. #skintightpants #igottachill.”

Justin Bieber on a Horse

Bieber, of course, could be chilling BEHIND BARS in the near future, with multiple people in authority saying the artist should be charged with a felony for allegedly egging his neighbor's home a few months ago.

The police lieutenant who led a search of Bieber's house recently came out and said Bieber deserves to face more than a misdemeanor for his actions. 

He could be charged any day now.

He Can't Keep His Shirt On
Yeah. Selfies like this work if you're Matthew McConaughey. Not Justin Bieber. Also, Matthew McConaughey would never post selfies like this because he doesn't need to constantly beg for attention or prove to himself that he's cool.


Bieber rode a horse, stop the presses. Was Kim and family not out today? I doubt anyone would turn a stallion loose in the Hollywood Hills. Very funny.


It's a shame gossip sites like this are used to smear people not liked by writers with inacurate reports so that the unthinking readers, who check nothing, believe every word.

@ ivan

Hold onto your panties grandpa
Why are you so angry? You are a little hostile Off your meds today? So I see little J on a horse what's not to believe? That he is pretending to be Indiana Jones, so what! That's the writer opinion it's called freedom of speech just like you gave yours. I get it you like him😜😜


Why don't you fuck off and leave this kid alone instead of trashing him over nothing in every opportunity?

@ ivan



it's getting better & bettedr, hahahahahahahahahahahaha!!


This child/man has terrible posture. He curls his shoulders in - almost like he is trying to make himself smaller.

@ robertL

He is smaller HaHa😆😆😆

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