Julia Roberts and Sally Field Compete in First-Ever Celebrity Curse-Off!

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With Jimmy Fallon busy engaging in lip-syncing battles over on NBC, Jimmy Kimmel stepped up his competitive game yesterday by pitting Julia Roberts against Sally Field.

In TV's first-ever Celebrity Curse-Off!

"We are honored to have both Sally Field and Julia Roberts on the show tonight, and it's also an opportunity to find out which of these incredibly talented women has the foulest mouth," Kimmel said. "Cover your ears, America."

The rules were simple: one actress has five seconds to say a curse word. And then the other must respond with a different curse word of her own.

Who failed to come up with a fresh swear in time? Find out now!

We may never look at Sally Field and Julia Roberts the same way again.

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I was totally appalled and disgusted. I am no innocent, I can have a pretty potty mouth myself but that is in the privacy of my home, family and friends. But out of respect for anyone who doesn't like such language I don't do it in public and really don't like hearing it. It just cheapens a person, especially a lovely sophisticated woman. I know that hey often have to use language like that in roles that they are performing in but that is it. They are just portraying a character. But they are celebrities and people emulate celebs. They should be at least giving a wholesome front when they are portraying themselves in public and on the screen in front of the whole world. This is one good example as to why this country has become so morally corrupt and disrespectful. And yes I know that they are people too and that they have the right to be or say what they like in their own privacy but they choose to be celebrities and be up front and out there in the public and therefor should be setting an example as how to be classy and dignified in public. If they want to be low rent white trash then they should have just chosen a life style befitting their classless demeanors that they show last night on The Tonight Show.. I for one will never be able to watch anything with them appearing in it with the same respect that I once had for them.

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