Jon Hamm and Elisabeth Moss: Hooking Up In Secret?!

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Jon Hamm plays ultimate ladies man Don Draper on the hit AMC series Mad Men, but in real life he's been dating filmmaker Jennifer Westfeldt since 1997.

So it's a bit surprising to see Jon out and about in NYC with his co-star Elisabeth Moss.

Jon Hamm and Elisabeth Moss

Naturally these pics aren't exactly conclusive evidence that Jon and Elisabeth are hooking up, but onlookers say Don and Peggy suspiciously took off in different directions as soon as they spotted the paparazzi. 

Even more incriminating: In Touch claims to have eyewitnesses who attest that they saw Moss and Hamm getting awfully close with one another on a recent mini-vacation that they took together!

"I saw them at Disneyland on Easter," says one source. "It was just the two of them. They were walking around the park, trying to be incognito."

Reps for Jon and Elisabeth claim the two are "just friends," but this isn't the first time that Hamm has been rumored to be cheating on his longtime girlfriend.

While this report might damage Hamm's reputation, no one can really blame Moss. The whole world is obsessed Jon Hamm's penis and she has to work with it every day.

To behold the Draper dong in all its glory, watch Mad Men online at TV Fanatic. You'll be glad you did!

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