Jessica Meuse Reacts to American Idol Ousting, Really Wants to Be on Supernatural

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Jessica Meuse has been eliminated from American Idol: Everything.

The aspiring singer will not be visiting her hometown as part of the show next week, but that's okay probably. She has A LOT she wants to do now anyway.

"I have a list that just goes on and on,” Meuse told reporters last night of what she wants to focus on next.

Goodbye, Jessica Meuse

Such as?!?

"My plan is I'm going to build a studio. I'm going to make my CD. I'm going to write and collaborate with people. I'm trying to get into a little bit of acting," she says.

And she even know what kind of acting

"I really want to be on Supernatural so bad. I am so unhealthily obsessed with that show that I just want to be in one episode, I don't care if it's a 10-second spot. I will just stand there in the background and be like, 'Look! That's me!'"

Let's make this happen, CW.

And then once the Supernatural gig is over...

"I want to do fashion. I want to do makeup and everything because I do like makeup. I like art. I don't know if there's any profession I can do along tattoo designs or anything because I'd get into that. I want to get into production and everything behind the scenes in music."

Sounds like we need not cry for Jessica Meuse, she has plenty to be excited about.

But do you think America should have voted her off last night?


What I have read on earlier comments they are saying J Lo and Keith didn't want Jessica in top three, I think Keith favored Jessica. I think Keith really liked her. I think Harry influenced J Lo not to talk her up any.


Is there anyone out here who wouldn't be afraid to say that "something odd" has taken place on the A.I. 2014 Live Shows. My point is, When I look at the individual performances, incorporated with the judges comments- because I was already thinking that something felt different about this years A.I. 2014 show. This is when I began investigating the following criteria a). the minutes and seconds given to each contestant; b). number of words spoken by the judges for each contestant; c). what is said to the contestants each week; d). The posture, facial expression and body movements of the judges during contestant performances. Where does A.I. draw the line when all plays a significant role that determines if the A.I. 2014 Live Shows has the integrity to be FAIR !!! The evidence is stacking up against 2 of the judges. The A.I. Fans are not stupid! Potentially, millions of viewers see the differences between this year and the previous Years. The Hollywood Gossip headline read: quote: "Did Jessica Meuse deserve to get voted off American Idol?"
What we have written, is based on our observations as fans of A.I. My question now is- how much muscle/influence does The Hollywood Gossip have to get our thoughts to decision makers within the A.I. High Echelon? I am afraid that if our thoughts go un-noticed, it will ruin the amazing American Idol program that I have grown to love.


I am a American Idol (hereafter A.I.) fan, and have spent countless hours of my time being a fan of the show for 12/13 seasons. I have noticed a different "body language" by the judges this year in terms of fair and helpful constructive criticism, and, quite frankly, the lack of "articulation of words" used by two of the judges appear to have "swayed the public opinion and votes" from a contestant(s) of this years A.I. 2014 show.
Correct me if I am wrong, but, The rule is, for judges to have a fair opinions in criticism in order to let the public vote for the winner. The judges should not have there own agenda and seal it with a kiss?????? I think when you listen back to the judges comment regarding Jessica Meuse (past 4 weeks) who was eliminated from the top three in the live show last night, you may or may not see what appears to be good intention, however, if you listen with an un- bias ear, you should hear that the judges have given a horrible and unbecoming perception to the integrity of this amazing show in fairness. Usually, this type of audio and visual evidence lead to a corrective action. After all, what is fair?

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