Jenelle Evans: Partying While Eight Months Pregnant?!

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Did Jenelle Evans revert into her party girl ways over the weekend? It wouldn't be a stretch to assume so, but she insists reports to that effect are B.S.

She was out bar-hopping with her baby daddy Nathan Griffith and some other friends over the weekend, despite being due to give birth next month.

Jenelle Evans insists she was just the DD, however.

The Carolina Hurricane re-tweeted a photo that one of her friends posted of their night out Saturday, then hit back at the obligatory backlash on Twitter.

Seriously, people ... Jenelle Evans, designated driver?

We never thought we'd hear those two things used in the same sentence, other than maybe "Jenelle Evans should have called a designated driver."

You get the idea. The best part of her Twitter defense is claiming that her mom, Barbara, can vouch for the fact that she doesn't give two f--ks about drinking.

At this point we ALL know she prefers weed and heroin.

To her credit, she and Nathan Griffith are trying to turn things around. When a fan asked Jenelle if he drinks often, she replied "Nope hasn't drank in monthsssss."

Being jailed for his third DUI sent a message, apparently.

They've got a long way to go, but for the moment, they seem to be in a good place and handling life well as they prepare to welcome baby boy Kaiser.

Check out Jenelle and Nathan's best selfies ...


Look I have read all of everyone's comments, did any of you ever in your lives make mistakes go out with the wrong man, etc...? Give the girl a break. You all act like you live in a brick house and she is the only one in the Glasshouse that you love to cast stones at, back off her and let her grow. She was a kid when all this started and just kept following the same road now she is on a new road lets just say for her it is the road less traveled and she is finding her way. You all act as though your perfect. Of course Farrah on the other hand with her 15 minutes of fame with her nasty video is GREAT right...NOT!!!! I don't see Jenelle doing that at least her son can forgive and respect her later in life but the other one well she can find her Mommy all over the internet and in stores how nice for Sophia to know her mom is a SLUT!!!! Jace can respect his mom, can you say that about yourselves...DOUBT IT... Keep doing well Jenelle and congratulations to you and Nathan on the new arrival coming soon of your new little boy Jace has a brother YEAH!!!!!!!!


take time


Considering her illegal problems and her drug problems, you'd think she'd have to be tested every month, and even more often while pregnant. She's an insult to mothers everywhere. Why is she not in prison, instead of roaming around making more babies and using drugs like it's her job?

@ Shannon

Why should she be in prison? She's not on probation that I know of so why should she be drug tested every month? She may not be very bright and is a very poor decision maker but I wouldn't say that she represents any one but herself. She's not an insult to mothers because she isn't a mother. Just because she has children doesn't make her a mother.

@ sara

wow sara....lets hope you can't spawn...she is a mother,so to speak....lets hope her mom can get ahold of this one as well...


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This is a slut that wont learn why do we keep her on TV. biggest douche ever!!! Pitiful slut bucket, nothing ass weak bitch


It sickens me to see that this piece of trash is so careless with human life. " Oh I'll have this kid, but give it away" next one: "na, im not feeling it right nw, I think I'll murder this one" And now: Oh, I'm so in love, I think i'll have this kid. She is disgusting! and I have NO faith that she will be a good mother. She's already failed at that about 3 times already!!! Trust me Jenelle : bringing kids into a relationship stresses the relationship. It WILL NOT make the relationship all of a sudden be GRAND!! So young and DUMB!


This girl, and so many others like her, should be sewn up. It is beyond disgusting how sex, drugs, pregnancy, and living like white trash is glamorized these days.


i feel very well


If she didn't drink or do druges, who cares if she was partying?


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