Jena Irene: Will She Win American Idol?

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Jena Irene is on the precipice of superstardom.

The Michigan native has advanced all the way to the finals of American Idol Season 13, where she'll go vocal chord to vocal chord against Caleb Johnson next week.

Originally chosen as a Wild Card, Irene has proven the judges correct over the past few weeks, riding the wave of an impressive Adele cover of "Rolling in the Deep" during Top 8 week that labeled her one of the show's favorites.

She's maintained that status ever since.

Can she bring it all the way home next Thursday night?

Jena Irene - "We Are One"
Jena Irene sings for the American Idol title with this song. What do you think of her "We Are One" cover?

You tell us: Who should win American Idol Season 13?


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I will till you why Jean not down too earth she look like a crow wear make up and she dress her self go too prom with Caleb she is all that Caleb is the truth winner Jean have a badly change her attitude she will never it win it people her too do people too do say what is button 2 it is last two year not just for Caleb only for Jean attitude


I am hoping she wins she has a strong beautiful voice


I hope she does not win. Calab has more talent in his little finger than she has. I think she needs to change her attitude. Come back in a year or two

@ no name

I agree. Please vote to save Caleb. He is 10 times better than her. She sang 2 good songs the whole season and he has always been good.


God I hope not. I have not liked her from the beginning. If her name is Geena then spell it the right way. Calab is the true winner and could go out tomorrow and make a record. Jena on the other hand needs a lot of HELP

@ no name

Agreed. Please vote for Caleb.


Nothing against the kid, but to call her a superstar when this show is nowadays barely outdrawing Suburgatory is a major stretch.


it will be a tragedy if jena wins and we can she can thank jlo if she does because she decided early in the season she wanted her to win so she has attacked every other person so she could make jena look better

@ jesse

I totally agree...JLo knew from the Hollywood week that Jna would be in the finalle.Caleb is the best singer... Jena is good, needs room for improvement... She int the best thats ever been on theshow... fr sure


Again another bad season, AI should cancel this show once and for all. And again the winner is not good enough to make it big, look at last year, she has done nothing. So many said the best ever, no way! She'll make board, maybe!!


This is why I quit watching years ago. THIS is a favorite? Sorry. Her voice is weak.

@ Anonymous

She mispronounces words and thinks it's cute. The judges never comment on it either. Caleb is the clear winner.

@ Anonymous

To Anonymous,
If you do not have a good voice, yourself, why even comment on Jena. Why are you deaf, and can you really hear well? For response to Topgun comment, about the winner last year. It all because she was a good singer but no personality, that is the reason. Jena is pretty even not in the singing category she can excel and could be an asset in the entertainment industry. For Anonymous, if you quit watching good television show, like american idol, a family entertainment show who is not exbiting torrid kissing, and lusting in bed kind of show. Ms/Mr Anonymous, you are missing your life to the fullest. There is no better singing competition than American Idol, they have been changing to correct past failures, just like a human being, nobody is perfect. I was an era of Adam Lambert, a season 8 runner-up, am still a fan of him up to now, although he had changed a lot, to a lot of tattoos in his body but I still like him as a person and as an entertainer.