Jai Brooks and Ariana Grande: Back Together!

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The relationship between Ariana Grande and Jai Brooks ended on bad terms last October, but according to reports from last night's iHeartRadio awards, the two young singers have rekindled their romance.

Photos tweeted from backstage at the awards show Ariana and Jai kissing, laughing and generally getting very close following her performance.

Jai Brooks and Ariana Grande Image

So while Luke Bryan and Blake Shelton were bored by Ariana's singing, Jai was apparently a big fan.

Ariana and Jai had previously ended their relationship amid speculation that she cheated on him with The Wanted singer Nathan Sykes.

Ariana went on to date Sykes for almost five months, with Brooks talking trash and accusing her of infidelity all the while.

Somehow, it seems these two have recovered from that rough patch, and fans are overjoyed that the beloved couple has reunited.

Ariana's song "Problem" is enjoying huge success these days, while Jai is mega-popular in his native Australia as a member of the web comedy troupe The Janoskians.

Comments made by Grande in a recent interview led many to believe that Jai was just too nice for her.

"I like bad boys," Grande said, likely referring to Sykes. "I tried the good boy thing for a minute and I was like, oh my gosh."

Well, it looks like she's decided to give the good boy thing another try. Don't mess it up again, Jai!


Lol are you serious? Do a proper research pls. When ariana said she likes a bad boy she was definitely describing Jai. She said she likes funny guys with lots of tattoos aka Jai Brooks. They are already dating during that interview so she actually just described her bf. Lol. Nathan was the good boy and it didnt work for her. Ariana and Jai started hanging out again since January. They've been giving their fans a lot of hints since then. The media is too late you guys need to catch up. Lol


When she said she likes bad boys, she was referring to Jai. Nathan was too nice for her.


im happy for her ariana and jai are so cute it's great to see 'em reunited


I'm really happy for her. They were/are a cute couple. When your in love with somebody you can forgive someone even when the situation is rough. Jai and Ariana are clearly meant for each other. He literally fell for her lol. ( that was seriously the cutest thing I ever saw )


she likes "bad boys"? what is she in middle school?!
grow up


sorry, his small penis needed a vagina.

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