Hero Cat Family Won't Sue Neighbors; Dog to Be Put Down After Attack

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The owners of the dog that mauled the boy saved by his cat must be nice people. Same goes for the owners of Hero Cat, because there will be no lawsuits.

Despite the vicious attack that took place before their cat saved the boy from the dog, Jeremy Triantafilo's parents are not seeking any financial compensation.

Erica and Roger Triantafilo say their insurance will cover almost all of Jeremy's medical bill, so the only thing they want from the dog owners is the $155 deductible.

Beyond that check? Let bygones be bygones.

Hero Cat Family
Hero Cat and Friend

The attack by the neighbor's dog, who ripped Jeremy off his bike, could've become a wrongful death case were it not for Tara, who chased the assailant away.

Even so, the four-year-old suffered serious injuries from the takedown, and Erica too sustained a bite on the leg as she tried to save her son from the dog.

Yet Erica says her family is not looking to punish their neighbors. In fact, she says they remain friendly and do not blame them for the animal's behavior.

The dog, meanwhile, will be put down ASAP.

Here's one more look at the viral video:


The dog needs to be put down....He attacked this child without being provoked. Every dog is entitled to one bite and after that they are considered to have a dangerous propensity and must be watched and supervised 24/7. These people probably feel awful and I am glad the family of the boy did not go "sue crazy". They are being compassionate of their neighbors who are losing the family dog. That is probably punishment enough.


i was never a dog person



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