Farrah Abraham Sex Toys: Get a Grip on Your Backdoor Entry!

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Farrah Abraham is back, ladies and gentlemen, and her global takeover campaign continues this month with her very own line of sex toys! Feel the excitement!

No, seriously. A press release for Farrah’s “Branded Pleasure Products” reveals a very specific line of items designed to help you feel so very excited ...

... if you know what we mean!

There is a “grip on” item, a “full on” item, and a "backdoor entry" product custom-tailored to the star's "specifications" as seen in Farrah Abraham: Backdoor & More.

Photos exist of her sitting for a molding session (see #4 below), so this is the real deal. A really big deal for her daughter at some point, one imagines.

Then again, she's already gone on record about being excited that Sophia will read her erotic novels, so clearly she's thought this through and does not care.

In any case, it looks like Farrah’s sex toys will be marketed heavily on social media, especially now that she has created a Twitter handle for the line.

“My sex toys have their own @twitter account @FarrahsSexyToys show some Tweet love,” Farrah Abraham revealed on Twitter on May 1, to great public joy.

The Twitter account is relatively new, but is filled with racy pictures of the television personality, along with promotional flyers for Farrah’s many appearances.

Ever the entrepreneur, even if it means feigning ignorance about a "sex tape" leak, having your junk made into a sex toy or dressing up as a giant vagina:

Farrah Abraham Vagina Costume
Farrah Abraham dresses up like a vagina. You cannot make this stuff up.

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So really what people are saying is that any woman involved in the sex industry shouldn't have kids. Why? Because the kid(s) will be ruthlessly bullied and ridiculed... by "normal" people.


OMG! No wonder the cast of "Teen Moms" refused to film w/her!! This is just, I mean...I can't...I have no words...I'm just really grossed out visualizing any sex toy 4 the backdoor w/a grip..!?!.
Who does that, or can even think up something like that?
Sophia will b bullied as soon as she enters the first grade. All the other moms will refuse to let their kids play w/her cuz of her nasty mother.
& the kids will b taunting Sophia bout all this & her pornos cuz they'll repeat what they hear from their parents.
I'm very disturbed now, sorry I read this!
I feel so bad for that child!!


Farrah should "get a life" and take some good old-fashioned advice:
Hush your mouth and shut the back door!


13 more years and this will be Sophia. Following in her mothers foot steps because she knows no different. Farrah should be banned from having children if this is how she wants to live her life. Poor Sophia don't know the difference only what her no talent and don't know why she's famous mother is teaching her. Good going Farrah, bet you feel good knowing your daughter is going to turn out just like you!!


a backdoor is for shitting only.................
well, some erotic ideas are sold here.