Farrah Abraham Prom Photo: Remembering Derek Underwood, Simpler Times

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Farrah Abraham's life has changed a lot in recent years, as this vintage photo of herself with first love (and future baby daddy) Derek Underwood proves.

Before she starred on 16 & Pregnant, Teen Mom and Backdoor Teen Mom, her life was that of a normal teen, going to prom with her cute boyfriend:

Farrah Abraham Prom Photo

Farrah, of course, got pregnant by accident at 16, then ended up having to raise her daughter alone after a car accident claimed the life of Derek Underwood.

He never got to meet his only child, Sophia.

Derek and Farrah Abraham were going through a rough patch when he died, but he was a very important part of her life and she misses him every day.

"I remember our 1st's & our worsts but you gave me the best thing in this world," she tweeted on May 8, his birthday, along with a photo of Derek's grave.

"Happy Birthday Derek ... we love & miss u."

The prom pic carries special significance.

"Our first & best #Prom," she tweeted along with this pic. "I remember you were so worried about having sex, we talked about having a baby - love & miss u."

Celebrity Sex Tape: In the Making Cover
Farrah Abraham on the cover of her new book, Celebrity Sex Tape: In The Making.

How prescient that conversation became.

“There's a lot of peer pressure with having sex," Farrah said during a 2012 public appearance, back when she was all about abstinence and not porn.

"I was completely against it until I got married, but my boyfriend said all the right words and was talking about how perfect the night was, and I made a mistake.”

"I ended up having sex at my first prom."

The rest, as they say, is history, from becoming a reality star to a hard core porn queen, erotic novelist and "singer" to getting fired from Teen Mom.

It's unclear if any of the rest of these celebrities lost their virginity on prom night like Farrah, but one thing is clear - they all had some awesome hair.

Click through more classic celebrity prom photos below and see whose fashions were truly off the charts, and who was barely recognizable in high school:

Lady Gaga Prom Photo
That's Lady Gaga's prom photo! She's in the middle in blue!

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So its right for someone to beat someone up on the show.. But cant make a sex tape? But 16 yr olds arr having sex? But shr cant support her daughter? Eh whatever mtv, this is b.s


remember the porn scens of farah...............