Farrah Abraham: FIRED From Teen Mom For Setting a Bad Example!

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It looks like Farrah Abraham will not be involved if and when Teen Mom is brought back to MTV for a fifth season, according to new reports.

The controversial star been cut off from negotiations.

Two years after they last appeared, Maci Bookout, Catelynn Lowell, and Amber Portwood are negotiating a return to the network for a potential fifth season.

Corroborating earlier reports, Farrah Abraham - whose porn career and other headline-making antics isolated her from the group - will not be joining them.

MTV execs "willingly cut Farrah" from negotiations, in part because the three other alums refused to do the show if she did. "MTV agreed," the insider says.

"They feel she set a bad example and doesn't represent the network."

This is a network that ran six seasons of Jersey Shore. Just saying.

Amber Portwood, 24, Maci Bookout, 22, and Catelynn Lowell, 22, all had requested that Farrah Abraham, 22, be axed from any potential reboot.

Why? The answer should be obvious, but ... see gallery below:

"They don't want their kids on a show where someone's talking about sex toys," a source said ... making us curious what Farrah's daughter might think.

Abraham, for her part, is just fine with that - or she's playing it cool.

"Truthfully, I was never friends with them," she said. "Personally, I like to keep my life separate. We came in separate, and I think it's best we keep our lives separate."

The single mother of Sophia has plenty of things to keep her busy.

With her trilogy of erotic novels, sex toy line, music career, two best-selling sex tapes and who knows what else she's working on, Farrah will be alright.

Still, you have to wonder how MTV is keen on employing Amber, who's been in PRISON, and Jenelle Evans, who's been arrested like 189 times, but not Farrah.

Just saying. Vagina costumes aside, is she that much worse?


I would be entirely pleased if the whole show is canceled.


I Don't know what Amber is talking about cuz the money she got from the show she used to Buy Drugs and Janelle has demonstrated how u continue drug use while Pregnant. All those teen moms except maybe 2 are actually doing something other than having more KIDS. By the time all of the Teen Moms are 25 they will have 4 kids and that is cuz of the money from the show. If they were living real life they would have had sense Enough to stop having kids and they haven't built a career for themselves but wait I forgot Having Kids is their career that's what they get paid to do


Glad she won't be on the show. She is so rude to her parents, and puts herself before her daughter. She use to be a good mom before she got her chin, boob, and nose Job. Now she is so stuck up. She would be prettier if she wasn't so snobby.


It accidentally leaked, ya I believe that one when pigs fly. She thinks she is so pretty, after her nose job, boob job, chin job, and whatever else she had done. Lives in this big house, thanks to porn making. I don't know why she went down this ugly path, she use to be a good mom and a good example. Not so much anymore. She also needs to start treating her parents better, and stop calling your dad Michael. That's so rude!! Glad she won't be on the show.


Shes been telling anyone that would listen, MTV exploited her. Accused her porn bosses of very bad things, no one is going to take a risk on this girl, shes not worth it. Amber has had issues, she didnt blame MTV. She bit the hand that fed her.


Music career? Career? Does she think the male organ counts as an instrument? I just uploaded my first YouTube video, guess I'm a professional director now.


None of those girls should be role models they got knocked up in highschool and now the get paid to be crazy on tv why not let a girl with a porn on when the girl that hits people and a girl that's always in and out of jail for drugs can be role model but not the porn star just look at kim Kardashian she has no talet and is a star because of reality tv and a sex tape so really who cares you want your children to have role models just be one and stop letting crazy selfish people take that role


I agree with the other girls. I wouldn't want my kids around that trash either. Farrah is the worst. She's disrespectful,money hungry, and a terrible mother. She should sit back and take lessons from the other mothers and grow up. She should worried about her daughter more and less about herself. The rest have changed their lives and are growing to become great mothers. I give Janelle and Amber a BIG thumbs up for turning their lives and attitudes around. Maci has always been a wonderful mother and person. Catelynn I can't say much because she don't have her daughter.


Uh yeah actually, Farrah is alot worse then any of them. She doesn't even take care of her daughter anymore her parents do because shes too busy being a porn star and writing sex books.
Im glad she got kicked off the show, thats where it all started so I have a feeling she wont be relevant soon enough. Although she will probably just go and make another sex tape and keep trying to claim that she isn't a porn star.
At least Amber is sober now, and Jenelle is trying to be a good mom. All Farrah is good for is spreading her legs to make money.


glad she's gone! I could not stand her arrogant ass...rude to her parents, acting like she's to good for this and that than goes and does porn. she should be on "true life" not "teen mom" lots of teen girls watch this show and promoting how to make it big by using your body as a legal whore isn't what teens need to see.

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Farrah Abraham is the star of Teen Mom and the mother of Sophia Laurent Abraham. Sophia's father (Derek Underwood) was killed in a car... More »
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I think having a TV show that shows your personality and your intimate life, you know, showing your best friend, and then showing having sex ... to me it's kind of the same thing because both things are intimate.

[On her DUI arrest] I did not endanger anyone's life.