Duggar Family Grocery Bill: HOW High?!

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The Duggars are a slightly larger family than most, so its not surprising that they spend a lot of money on food. 

But even considering the astonishing number of mouths they have to feed, the size of Michelle and Jim Bob's grocery bill might drop your jaw.

"Our goal for our monthly food budget is $3000," matriarch Michelle revealed recently. "It used to be more like $2000, but we've noticed the price of groceries have gone up."

Though an astonishing figure, it's actually not bad, for a family of 21.

What's more surprising is that despite the astronomical cost of keeping food on the table Michelle Duggar wants a twentieth baby in the near future.

Whether she accomplishes that mind-blowing goal or not, the Duggar clan is sure to keep growing.

Michelle and Jim Bob already have three grandchildren and their daughter Jill Duggar got engaged to Derek Dillard last month - a union that's sure to result in some fruitful multiplication. 

Recently, Jill and Derek met for the first time after several months of online "dating," and video of the event highlights just how non-traditional the usually very orthodox Duggars can be.

If they plan to follow in her parent's footsteps, we just hope Jill and Derek are prepared to drop a month's salary at the grocery store on a regular basis. 


With the money these anti TV Christians are making they can afford to buy what they want. How do you justify it


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