Charlie White: Pissed at Dancing with the Stars For "Contrived" Bottom Two Twist

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Charlie White was eliminated on the Dancing with the Stars results show Monday night, but that's not why the Olympic ice dancing champion is upset.

Well, he is upset, as in disappointed. But he's not pleased with the way it went down, being pitted against longtime partner Meryl Davis in the waning moments.

While he said he wasn't rooting for Meryl to get the boot - "No, not at all!" Charlie insists - he's "not happy" with producers putting them in the bottom two.

"The thing is, you don't know if it's always the bottom two," he said. "Honestly to me, that felt contrived. I wasn't happy they pitted me against Meryl like that."

"I think our love triumphs over what makes for an interesting moment. I love that girl. We have been through 27 years and won an Olympic gold medal."

Aww. An early frontrunner to win the Mirror Ball trophy this spring, White admitted he was sad that he didn't make the top four and next week's finale.

"I'm disappointed because we had a few more special tricks up our sleeve for the finale and certainly getting this close, it's tough," Charlie lamented.

"I guess that's a lesson learned: don't save anything until the end."

Who do you think will win Dancing With the Stars Season 18?


I am disappointed with the show this year. The judges are not using the same rules for all of the contestants. When Amy and Derek make a mistake in their routing - That s OK -and they are scored a 10. If Charlie made a minor mistake, he got a penalty. Charlie has been underscored all season. I think he should have been in the finals. If Amy wins this seaon, will never watch this show again


@Mister+Baja: You are an idiot. If you watched the Olympics and are referring to Charlie, Charlie has a buffoon. Also, Charlie must realize the viewer votes go along with the judge's votes to determine the bottom two. He should know that by now given the format of the show.

@ Glo

Charlie's point is that they never explicitly state that the two standing there (aka the two perceived to be the bottom two by the public) is actually the bottom two in the standings. Rather the bottom two consists of the individual going home and an individual selected by production who may or may not be in second to last place. He feels, and I agree, that Meryl was selected to be in the bottom two with him in an attempt to create drama and he doesn't respect or appreciate that.


I am very disappointed in this year's show - Erin does not belong on this show - bring back Brooke - and to boot Charlie - give me a break - he and Meryl are the best performers - I won't be watching it to conclusion. I have written this year off.

@ Elizabeth Kristoff

Erin does not belong on this show - bring back Brooke -

@ Katy

Brooke spent too much time looking at the monitor, adjusting her posture & her lips. I've never seen anyone so obsessed with their looks. Charlie should have been judged more fairly. He is talented & quite modest in person.


Charlie may be disappointed, but imagine how other contestants felt when they heard him and Meryl were competing, Professional ice skaters, practicing for physical side of this all their lives, not at all fair and while i am on the subject of Charlie and Meryl, The gold medal was also fixed, the Canadians should have won but most of us know what happened there. I would try and keep a low profile if i were them.

@ Frankie Lamb

Absolutely. It was a long haul multiyear fix in which D/W dominated for the sole purpose of handing Meryl and Charlie the gold. And the biggest benefit for Meryl and Charlie was a history of performance and being athletic. Lower body motion is completely different than on ice and their schedule meant that they were on the go all week, every week and rehearsing on the road. I'd say it balances out.

@ Frankie Lamb

You're the one who needs to keep a low profile! While I may not agree that Charlie and Meryl should be competing on DWTS, I most definitely support their Olympic win. Virtue and Moir are tremendous champions and, like all fans of the sport, I love to watch them perform. It could have gone either way, but the best performance (at that time) won. Get over it!


#1 Candace or James deserved to go home more than Charlie did. #2 I completely agree with him, it was pretty crappy the way the producers played this one out.

@ Traci Harmon

You've got that right. Couldn't believe she made it. I hope Derek and his partner win. She may not be the best dancer but what she does, without her legs, is very deserving. Meryl is the better dancer but what the heck - she was an olympic ice skater.


F*ggots never get pissed!!

@ Mister+Baja

Mister+Baja if your comment is referring to Charlie, you are way off the mark and totally wrong about that.


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