Catelynn Lowell: Pregnant Again!

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Farrah Abraham got fired from Teen Mom last week, but it appears one cast member is very determined to keep her spot on the series:

Catelynn Lowell has proven her commitment to the show that made her famous by getting knocked up by longtime boyfriend Tyler Baltierra for the second time. 

The news has yet to be confirmed by Catelynn or Tyler, but was leaked by two members of the Lowell family via Facebook statuses over the weekend.

Catelynn's first pregnancy made her famous and the reality star will reportedly star in the upcoming fifth season of Teen Mom.

Catelynn and Tyler announced their desire to have a second child in an interview just last month.

Lowell and Baltierra became fan favorites in the first season of Teen Mom, due to their difficult upbringings, commitment to one another, and their struggles with the decision to put their daughter up for adoption.

The couple are no longer in their teens, of course, but Catelynn's second pregnancy is expected to be featured in the new season of the hit reality show.

Catelynn has not officially revealed her pregnancy yet, but family members have hinted at an announcement in the very near future.

So congratulations to Catelynn and Tyler! Watch Teen Mom online at TV Fanatic to relive the struggles of these young lovebirds.


You people are all ignorant. She was 16 when their daughter was born, they are like 22 or 23 now. A lot changes in that time. They were in high school, living with their parents and if you watched the show you'd see their home lives weren't that great. Now, they have their OWN home and they both work, and from what I understand Catelynn is in school for social work, something related to being an adoption counselor maybe? And shame on you for trying to shame her for making the best choice for her daughter. It would have been selfish to keep her knowing they weren't equipped to provider her with everything she deserved, it was SELFLESS to give her a life they couldn't. You people are all twisted. Maybe you should go back to school and quit being so ignorant.


Silly, silly girl. He won't even marry her cos he's not sure she's the one so her solution - pop out another kid. Gave the first one up to give her a better life and so they could better their circumstances. How are they going to explain to Carly that they never actually did any of the things they gave her up to do. Stupid. All about keeping her relevant and keeping the ££££ rolling in. That's what this is.

@ hannah

actually, they have both finished school, own their own home, and have full time exactly is that not doing any of the things they planned on when giving their child up for adoption at 16?? considering the fact that 90% of the other moms on the show have had 2nd and 3rd children by different men, the fact that they waited until they were in their 20's and made the decision to try for another shows much more maturity and growth on their part than anyone else in the series..


Rewarding trashy behavior- the trashier the better.


Too bad America supports this type of trashy television. Bad enough to get knocked up once, but twice .......
Some people just never learn (or taught moral responsibility)

@ mHug

Wait so if you get pregnant once you can never have another baby? Oops I guess we should tell that too all the mothers with more than one child. You're forgetting. She is no longer a teen.


It's sad that they gave up Carly so they could go to college and they didn't even do that. It's irresponsible to have another kid just to fill the emotional void that giving up Carly caused and not accomplishing any educational goals.

@ Magdalena

catelynn is in college in michigan majoring is social work..


his penis plopped in...............

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