Caleb Johnson Takes Jena Irene to the Prom!

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It's official: Jena Irene is not a sore loser.

The American Idol runner-up took a very special guest to her senior prom over the weekend: the American Idol champion himself, Caleb Johnson!

Caleb Johnson and Jena Irene Prom Pic

On Wednesday, the 17-year-old posted a picture from their big night on Instagram, writing “we are saucey” as a caption.

She later confirmed that an outstanding time was enjoyed by all.

"Thank you guys for being so kind and sweet tonight,” Irene Tweeted. “I missed my crazy friends so much!

Don't these two look adorable together? Safe to say this would NOT be included among the most embarrassing prom photos ever.


I loved that Caleb won American Idol. I wish he had at least worn a sport coat for prom. The powers to be probably wants him to wear a leather jacket to everything. They waited a year to release Candace Glover's music. Caleb has an album being released this summer. Caleb and Jena are adorable together. I hope we get to see them sing together sometime. At least the prom was their idea. I think they will both have great singing ca reers.

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Too bad "American Idol's" answer to the new Meatloaf couldn't clean up a little for the prom. Looks like his recording career is off to a similar start as Candace Glover. Who? Exactly!

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Lyle lafee
@ JimmyT

Jimmy T sorry to dis agree with you on one fact Caleb is far from being the answer to Meatloaf,I been requesting all season for Caleb to do a meatloaf song well he never did. So I do not think he could handle it. For the rest of your comment right on.

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