Angelina Jolie Pregnant With SEVENTH Child?!

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A new report from Star magazine claims that Angelina Jolie is pregnant with her seventh child via in-vitro fertilization.

A source says the actress is already two months along and has been referring to the new addition to her ever-expanding brood as her "miracle baby."

Star doesn't have the greatest reputation for reliability, and there's a good chance this story is BS, but Angie has spoken before about her desire to raise a huge family and this isn't the first time we've heard rumors that she had her eggs frozen in the event that she and Brad decided to have another child.

Jolie spoke about her wedding plans with People magazine earlier this week and disclosed that she's basically letting her kids plan the whole thing.

Maybe they also pressured her for a new younger sibling? These kids seem to have an awful lot of clout!

Of course, the Angie of today is a far cry from the wild child of years past. In a recent interview Angelina said she thought she'd never have children, and now it seems she may be adding a seventh to her clan!

No word on how her 50-year-old future husband feels about the possibility of a seventh mouth to feed, but we're guessing that if this is rumor is true you'll soon be seeing a few more grey hairs on Brad's head. 

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Of course it is a MIRACLE when it is Angelina Jolie….isnt is always? Everything she does is just a little more special and awesome when it is HER and not every other woman on earth. "Angelina's Heroic Trip to the Grocery Store!"


well, no short of cash to raise another kid.

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I'm very happy. Unlike most women, I love being pregnant... You just feel like everything about your body is there for your baby.

Angelina Jolie

Yeah, yeah, we've confirmed that already.

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