American Idol Final Performance Recap: And the Winner Will Be... ?

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Caleb Johnson or Jena Irene?

Jena Irene or Caleb Johnson?

Following five months of auditions - many headache-inducing, others download-worthy - American Idol Season 13 came down to one man and one woman last night.

Both performed admirably, singing three songs apiece: one chosen by Simon Fuller; one a reprise of their best performance from the season; and one the single Caleb or Jena will release upon winning.

So... will WILL win? Relive the six total performances below and then vote:

Who will win American Idol Season 13?


You want to tell me why Emkay was not on the final show.. I had to sit thur that whole awful thing to fine this out. Just a terrible show.


This is the first season I was so bored with it I deleted it from my DVR recordings and quit watching after the first few episodes. AI has turned into a mediocre show for teens and preteens who wanna be big famous "stars". Bo-o-o-o-oring!


I only watch the new Season tryouts...after that it's always all downhill.


Idol is a joke, and so are the judges Jlo & Keith, Idol TV ratings last night were the worst in TV history, only 6.61 million viewers for a final week of season 13, when are the producers going to wake up, nobody likes JLo first of all, and Keith is not doing his job, the producers need to get rid of the judges to re format the show for season 14?


I really don't care who wins tonight. There both going to get a record deal and a brand new car anyway. So they both win. I watched idol since day one and this year I wasn't happy with the outcome. So life goes on people!!! Have a nice day and be kind to one another.


If Jena wins, I'm done with this show forever. She mispronounces the English languages and it's not cute. She sang 2 songs good the whole season and that does not make her a winner. Caleb was sang every song great the whole season and deserves to win, even when he was sick.


Jena is really good. Caleb is good as we'll. but the pitches that Jena jut are amazing. She kills every song. I think Jena will take the cake! Good luck both!!


I wouldn't be surprised if this was the lowest rated AI final EVER! Not because of the contestants but what were the producers and Fox thinking when they changed the night in the final week up against The Voice and DWTS finals? Like many, my DVR can only handle two shows at a time and it did not pick up Idol. This was just plain stupid. First final I have ever missed. I guess American Idol is becoming non-relevant.

@ Cindy

A.I. has been non-relevant for years. Nicky Minaj, Maria Carey, J Low.........could they have had worse judges?

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