Abby Lee Miller Slammed By Maksim Chmerkovskiy: I Don't Care For Anything She Says!

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After back-to-back weeks at the top, Meryl Davis and Maksim Chmerkovskiy fell to the bottom of the heap on Dancing with the Stars Monday night.

Although they were spared elimination on the Dancing with the Stars results show (and weren't even in the bottom three) Maks was not happy about it.

Specifically, he was put off by guest judge Abby Lee Miller.

Maks put together a rumba about a dysfunctional relationship (fittingly), and while the moves were excellent, it felt more like a contemporary routine.

Carrie Ann Inaba felt there was energy in every move, but there wasn't enough rumba content, while Abby felt that Meryl's footwork needed ... work.

A chorus of boos rained down from the audience.

After receiving their lowest score of the night from Abby and falling behind Amy Purdy's perfect 10s, Maks said "I really don't care for anything she has to say."

BURRRRN. So much for being a big "teddy bear."

If you watch Dance Moms online, you can appreciate where Maks was coming from, no? Check out the rest of last night's performances below ...


Why should Meryl and Maks take any sort of crap from a nobody. She most likely got a lot of bad tweets, so she decided to give everyone a "10".
Good for Maks!


He had plenty of time for a comeback, so I knew something was coming. I wish he had added that she's not even a dancer, so why should he listen to what she says.


Abby Lee Miller was not a good choice for a judge. All she is is a big mouth reality star. She likes to cause trouble. Maks and Meryl's routine was great.

@ Carol

so true...she wants the limelight and she made a big fool of herself...what a sad choice to judge...she does not merit it..


I don't know what was the deal with that Abby thing..... If DWTS wants to bring some nasty judges to stirr the rating .... Well, enough of having nasty Abby type of judge . Both Meryl and Maks danced beautifully and the chemistry between those two is undeniable ! Next Monday ... Give them the performance that they'll never ever forgot !

@ Nickigoddess

I totally agree with you...Abby teaches young kids...granted she sticks to the original steps she teaches young kids reminds me of a kindergaten teacher criticizing a the equivalent of someone who has both achieved a PhD in dance... who has found some ways to improve on the status quo...Abby is also a mean teacher to her students...i cannot appreciate her judgement...both Meryl and Maks are better dancers than she will ever be and will achieve more .....Kudos Meryl and Maks... she does not deserve to be a judge for the caliber of Max,Meryl and the other dancing with the stars professional.......


so she is deaf mute?

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