16 and Pregnant Season 5 Episode 7 Recap: Meet Aleah Lebeouf!

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On 16 and Pregnant Season 5 Episode 7, we meet Aleah Lebeouf, 18, who is pregnant with her first child AND taking care of her boyfriend’s toddler son, Noah.

On top of that, she suffers from type 1 diabetes, which means she is constantly monitoring her blood-sugar levels and is considered a high risk pregnancy.

Boyfriend Shawn Burke, 19, first met her while both her doing time in a juvenile detention center. Aleah is helping raise Noah since his mother is MIA.

Clearly, she's got a lot on her plate for an 18-year-old.

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Her diabetes is so severe that when she got pregnant, the doctor told Aleah she has a higher chance of miscarrying rather than carrying her baby to term.

The baby, who will be named Peyton, is already beating the odds.

Even though Aleah wanted to live with her mom and her stepdad, Shawn decided it was better that they live with his parents because it’s close to his job.

The downside is that they live in an already very full house, including his little brothers,Josh and Kevin; but at least his mom Angie seems very nice.

Aleah and Noah have a strong bond, and despite being a total mess (he has so many speeding tickets, he's in debt), Shawn seems like a good dad.

At 37 weeks, Aleah’s blood sugar levels are extremely unstable. The night of her baby shower, she is rushed to the ER and has to deliver three weeks early.

Peyton Reianne Burke was born on Dec. 13 at 7 lbs., 8oz.

Naming your baby Peyton could result in a Disney star or an NFL star. Either way seems like a win!

That's the good news. The bad? Peyton is also suffering from low blood sugar, so she is rushed to the NICU where she was put on an IV to help stabilize her.

Aleah is devastated, but three days later, she's good to go!

If only it were to a better environment. Living at Shawn’s parents home is overwhelming to say the least. Soon, they start looking for their own place.

Only he owes $2,500 in speeding tickets. So much for that.

Unfortunately, Shawn does not take Aleah seriously as she tries to have a real conversation about this ... and gets another speeding ticket almost immediately.

Aleah keeps her word and peaces out for her mom’s house.

The heartbreaking moment of the night came when Noah asks to come with her, but since he's not really her son, she can't exactly oblige him. Sad.

Things cool off and Aleah and Shawn talk it out, but she still decides she is going to stay at her mom’s with Peyton while he and Noah live with his parents.

They plan to remain a couple, however, and hope that living separately now will force them to prioritize saving money and finally finding their own place.

“When I thought about myself going to college, I figured I would be living on campus, I would be partying, but I don’t really have that opportunity any more,” Aleah says.

“I feel like my kids deserve so much more than I can give them."

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