True Facts About Owls: What a Hoot!

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It's almost too bad that Stephen Colbert is replacing David Letterman. Not because Colbert isn't a talented guy or deserving of the job, but simply because ...

This narrator needs a lot more air time. He's awesome!!!

Why? Because his True Facts About Animals videos not only tell you all the interesting things there are to know about each of his subjects, they're hilarious!

We challenge you not to learn so much stuff about our fine feathered friends known as owls in the video below, and not to burst out laughing in the process.

It's a total hoot ... much more so than our headline in fact.

In other recent, fun animal news on The Hollywood Gossip ...

We could go on all day ... or you could just click below:

Penguins Continually Tumble Over Rope
These penguins are trying really hard to walk over this rope. But, hilariously, none can do so.

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