Tori Spelling: Dean McDermott Sex, Marriage Were Great ... I Thought

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Tori Spelling never saw Dean McDermott's infidelity coming, the actress says. In fact, she felt they had a solid sex life after seven years of marriage.

He clearly felt otherwise. McDermott cheated on his wife in December with a 28-year-old named Emily Goodhand, whom he met on a trip to Toronto.

Now, in the wake of his fling, the parents of four are trying to figure out whether they have a future together ... and chronicling it all on True Tori.

The premiere featured the parents of Liam, 7, Stella, 5, Hattie, 2, and Finn, 20 months, in a therapy session as they try to work out their issues together.

Prior to the show's debut, Tori Spelling revealed that she and her straying husband hadn't been intimate since his cheating confession in December.

Before that, though, she thought they were doing great in the bedroom, even if Dean thinks she doesn't give enough sex and that it's not fantastic.

For McDermott, two mediocre romps a month wasn't getting it done.

"For having four children and very chaotic schedules, I thought we had a very, very good sex life," Spelling said of McDermott's "sexless marriage" claim.

He said that to his mistress - according to her. Dean denies this.

"Dean said he didn't say that to [Goodhand]," Tori says. "It's 'he said'/'she said,' and I obviously haven't talked to Emily so I don't know what he said to her."

She also doesn't know what Goodhand looks like ... yet.

"I have written her name in my phone multiple times for Google Images," the actress confesses, though, "when it comes up, I can't look at it."

That said, Tori doesn't blame Goodhand for the tryst.

In fact, she knows what it's like to be Goodhand. She was Goodhand before Goodhand was Goodhand, or something along those lines back in 2005.

She was married to Charlie Shanian and Dean was married to Mary Jo Eustace when the hooked up.. "I was called a home-wrecker and a husband-stealer," said.

"I remember thinking, 'If this ever happened to me, I'd be pissed at my husband.' I have never held Emily Goodhand responsible. Dean did this, not her."

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I can easily believe that Candy Spelling is absolutely dog tired of hearing about her daughter and her son in law. As the woman who married for all those years to Aaron Spelling, seeing Tori and Dean in the negative spotlight all the day regarding their marriage is probably one of the most distasteful experiences that Candy has to endure. I believe that most mothers want happiness and praise for their adult children's relationship. but I believe that this is Not the son in law that will ever be welcomed to spend holidays with. As the only daughter with 4 young children, Tori Needs to get off the sympathy couch, and concentrate more on her children, and give Dean a swift kick out the back door. Tori was born into a financial empire, and Now works herself dog tired with all these reality shows to give Dean a job.It's one thing to go through pain in a marriage, but when it becomes a joke for the tabloids and constant magazine coverage it time for a change. Tori is beginning to sound more like a true made to order Desperate Housewife!!

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