Tori Spelling & Dean McDermott: Cheating, Rehab to Be Featured on "True Tori"

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While some reality stars may spawn catchphrases or marry rappers in order to increase ratings Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott know what really makes for good viewing:

Heartbreaking, true life drama!

True Tori is a new Lifetime reality miniseries in which cameras follow the famous couple as they struggle to save their marriage.

Reportedly far less flattering than the typical celeb-based reality show, the series will focus on Dean McDermott's rehab stint and the couples' efforts to rebuild their marriage.

The family of six received unwelcome headlines recently following revelations that Dean cheated on Tori after seven years of marriage.

Initially, Spelling vowed to keep her family intact, but sources say her commitment may be wavering.

"She once said she would never split up her family, and she seems to mean it," says an insider. "However, after the latest cheating rumors, Tori must have put her foot down."

"She likely gave him an ultimatum."

Looks like their tragedy will be our entertainment!

The couples' first series - Tori & Dean: Home Sweet Hollywood - aired on Oxygen from 2007-2012, but rarely offered drama on par with what True Tori claims to have in store.

True Tori premieres April 22 at 10 p.m. on Lifetime.

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I checked white pages Canada and the only Emily Goodhand in all of Canada also has a twitter profile and she is 34 years old, not 28 and she says on her twitter that she isn't the one who was with Dean..So who was? This mystery woman also has a last name that could in my opinion be a play on words like Rosey palm in reference to a guy using his hand for well I cant say on here, but I think you know.. Look at the last name " Good hand" put it together and you have Goodhand.. In other words did Dean cheat on Tori that way, not with a woman? Is all of this a PR stunt made up by Tori and Dean to get a new reality show or to boost their ratings? Also the paparrazi are always watching these two so when did Dean get the so called alcohol problem and drugs? The whole thing in my opinion looks like this could be a sham to make money off of another reality show? I'm just guessing because none of this story seems to be adding up.



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