Taylor Swift to Date Each Member of One Direction For a Week, Pick Favorite For Long-Term Relationship

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Taylor Swift has been notoriously unlucky in the romance department over the years, falling in and out of love with stars ranging from John Mayer to Jake Gyllenhaal.

Now it seems Taylor is attempting to fix her troubled dating life by trying again with ex Harry Styles... and then giving each of his bandmates a shot as well!

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Yes, Taylor has reportedly decided to date each member of One Direction over the course of an epic, five-week Bachelorette-style competition.

Each of the guys will have one week to woo the 24-year-old and the singer is said to be hoping this experiment will end with a proposal.

"She loves British guys and she's sick of these long relationships that end up going nowhere," said an anonymous friend of Taylor's.

"She figured why not save everyone some time and make a game out of it?"

The source says Taylor plans to "ease into" the competition by spending her first week with Styles, who she previously dated in 2012.

"Harry doesn't really have a chance," said the insider.

"She just wants to get him out of the way first."

So what if Taylor's bizarre brand of speed dating doesn't work?

"She'll just try the Jonas Brothers again," her friend says. "She can't even remember which one she dated and she couldn't care less that one of them is married now."

Check out the long list of famous guys who have dated Taylor Swift below ... Oh, and don't forget, this story is totally made up. APRIL FOOL'S!!!


why don't you shut your fucking mouth and mind your own fucking business instead of making up bullshit sitting on your fat ass on a computer making up shit. April Fools or not, your taking the piss out of a perfectly respectable young woman with mega talent for your pay check. And who is this "friend" may I ask? Not much of a friend if they're willing to do this. Why don't you open your fucking eyes and realise that your actually hurting people with this shit they are PEOPLE with feelings, lives and careers and will make far more than you ever will! Get that into your head and then maybe you can get a real job!!!!!!!!


That must be one tired vagina LOL


Not even on Aprils Fools Day will anyone believe this!

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