Taylor Swift: Controlled By Evil Parents Everyone Hates!

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Taylor Swift seems a little old to be letting her parents run her career, but sources close to the singer say that's exactly what she's doing...and they're running it right into the ground.

Even though they're now legally separated Scott and Andrea Swift apparently remain united over their favorite activity: micro-managing Taylor and the people around her.

One anonymous insider tells the New York Post that Taylor's parents are "difficult and controlling" and adds that the former couple is making it impossible for management and musicians to work with Taylor.

"Taylor’s parents are incredibly difficult to deal with," says the source.

"They want to pay as little as possible and treat people like s–t, because they think those people are lucky to have the chance to work with a superstar like Taylor."

Terrible parents, eh? They may explain a lot - like why she's dated half of Hollywood and Karlie Kloss is the only person who can stand to be around her!

We kid, of course. Taylor may have her diva side, but she recently visited cancer patients, and celebs who've worked with her in the past have reported that she's a pleasure.

Sounds like her parents just need to loosen their vise-grip on her life and she'll be fine. Let her go, mom and dad. She is 24, after all. 


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Everyone who has toured with them say her parents are wonderful. Looks likes lies are being printed about the parents. They don't deserve it!

@ Jen

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Yeah, such horrible parents. How dare they watch over their daughter, not letting anyone and everyone take advantage of her. For shame.


parents care about their own kid, that's why she is so successful.


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