Taylor Swift: "Biggest Celebrity Player" According to Survey

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Taylor Swift has been making her way around the dating scene for as long as she's been famous and it looks like her serial-dating past is beginning to strain her relationship with her fans.

In a recent iHeartRadio survey, listeners ranked Taylor as the "biggest celebrity player" in Hollywood. 

Adding to the embarrassment, Taylor is the only woman to make the top five - a group that also includes two of her exes (John Mayer and Jake Gyllenhaal).

The list of celebrities Taylor dated is certainly a long one, but we think fans may have rushed to judgment on this one. Were Kim Kardashian and Lindsay Lohan not on the ballot?!

Maybe we're just biased because unlike Kim and Lindsay, Taylor actually has talent and seems to care about other people. Just last week, Taylor visited cancer patients in the children's wing of New York's Sloan-Kettering center.

So she may be unlucky in love but at least she makes better use of her time than most twenty-something starlets.

Naturally, Taylor has yet to respond to the survey, but having been famous since her teens, we're sure she's got a talent for shrugging off negative press. At least we hope so, because she certainly receives plenty of it. 

Jake Gyllenhaal
Jake Gyllenhaal allegedly took Taylor Swift's v-card, then dumped her via text. TEXT.

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I am sure its not her fans that voted that. LOL. One Direction fangirls are still butthurting. That is such an unfair reputation. And here is THG adding to those lies with those fake bf lists. At least half of those 11 guys are gossip media fiction.


Not her fault that these guys are total selfabsorbed duds. Good thing these relationships were very short, and I'm sure she discovered early on that it wasn't going to go anywhere with any of those guys...all they do is take advantage of young vulnerable girls who don't know any better. Where's the outrage about those guys and why isn't the media bearing down on those guys and their behavior!!!!!