Sheree Whitfield: Kenya Moore Bestie Returning to The Real Housewives of Atlanta?

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Reportedly, Sheree Whitfield was fired from The Real Housewives of Atlanta in 2012, but with recent cast shake-ups and the need to provide Kenya Moore with some backup in case of another attack, it's not surprising that Sheree is rumored to be returning for the Bravo series' seventh season.

There has been no official word from the network as to which Housewives will be returning and which will be axed, but preliminary reports claim that Porsha Williams will be fired following her brawl with Kenya, leaving a vacancy that the allegedly destitute Sheree would no doubt be happy to fill.

Not only would Sheree help round out the cast, but as the best friend of Kenya, Whitfield's return to the show could serve as a sort of apology from Bravo for allowing Moore to be attacked on air.

Additionally, as much as reality TV producers love drama, an well-matched back-and-forth is more appealing to viewers than a one-sided attack and the return of Sheree would help even the sides in Kenya's favor.

Sheree was reportedly spotted at Kandi Burrus' wedding recently. Onlookers say she appeared to be filming scenes with the other stars of RHOA.

No word yet on whether Sheree will be a series regular or simply pop in for the occasional cameo.

It's NaNay!
Forget NeNe Leakes, people. NaNay has taken over on The Real Housewives of Atlanta.

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I'm trying to understand how Black America has celebrated a low class, trash-of-a-woman like NeNe Leakes to begin with? Clearly, she has no common sense to see that she was pimped out to make a complete fool of herself in the name of "keeping it real." There is a difference between keeping it real and acting a damn fool every time you come out. Get rid of her Bravo. I believe that Sheree Whitfiled should definitely come back and exude some class amongst these ladies. Though she was dealt a bad deck of cards in the financial department, she's a classy woman. She's welcomed back with open arms. Kenya Moore is also classy and beautiful...and people need to know that she does what she does in order to keep all of you tuning in every week. She may lack common sense in some areas, but she's very witty and entertaining to watch. Keep her. Phaedra is a sweetheart, but her ship is slowly sinking. Love Kandi. I like Cynthia (the nicest of the bunch), but not sure about her fate on the show. Porsha must go.


ladies, ladies, WHAT IS REALLY GOING ON? ALL I witness yesterday on the reunion was hateful, envious ,conniving beautiful woman. Poor nene you need to go and get some professional help and by all means take phadra with you. If you couldn't see your husband eyeing kenya than you are an asinine puppy.
The only reason he is kissing up now to you is because he is in trouble. He has no respect for you. Pease be so kind and watch the episode over and focus on your husband and not the cast members. Stop making excuses for him with his promiscuous ass. I have come to the conclusion that poor Porsche just doesn't know any better. She has been sheltered all her life. She needs forgiveness of her actions. A big shout out to kandi and her husband. You guys look great.Cynthia you need to speak up more. I


Oh Nene its time for u to go .You have become a hateful person.Unfortunately,u think ur bigger than u really are.from people loving u ,now hate u.u and Kenya are pritty much alike,your nasty and mean in one way Kenya is nasty and mean in her way.I don't care how long it was .people who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones.stop looking so righteous.


Kenya Moore is a trouble maker,antagonizer.and not a nice person .I will not watch the show if she is on.Iwould definitely wagtch Porshe.Kenya has a personality Ican't stand to watch.Her outside .maybe pritty but her insides are rotten .terrible for a pritty face to be so unappealing.


Kenya Moore is a trouble maker,antagonizer.and not a nice person .I will not watch the show if she is on.Iwould definitely wagtch Porshe.Kenya has a personality Ican't stand to watch.Her outside .maybe pritty but her insides are rotten .terrible for a pritty face to be so unappealing.


Although I was never was a fan of Sheree, I think she needs to return. Remove Phaedra and Apollo. Sorry Nene you are done in my eyes. Your attitude towards people is distasteful and out right rude. You are not "rolling in dough" like WELL KNOWN celebrities, so stop perpetrating a fraud. You've arrived? I've yet to see it.

@ Desiree

She arrived the gates of hell???


I dont know why people dislike Nene so much because she is real.Cynthia has been on the show for some time now and the only thing we really know about her is she is married to a hustler that is using her for her money.Porsha maybe young and naive but she doesnt deserve to be fired from the show.From the first day she joined the cast Kenya has been bullying her.I think Kenya is mean spirited and jealous of Porsha because she looks much better than she does.It is very sad that Phaedra's husband has jeopardized his freedom for a few dollars.Although I understand it is very hard for a convicted felon to get a fair chance to rebuild his life it is no excuse for his behavior.I wish all of the women would wise up and see things for what they truly are.Bravo producers are making a complete fool out of them and we are guilty as well because we watch this show.Kenya is the biggest pawn because she acts a damn fool on tv for a few dollars.She has to use others as a storyline because her life is boring as hell.


shut the whole thing down ,its a waste of time ,frankly who wants to watch a bunch of mean spirited ,manipulative ,out of control women, and I' m being nice by calling them women ,there is a much more befitting name , teaching our kids this behavior is ok. I explained to my 15 year old these kind of women you do not want to be ,its sad that our young ladies don't have the kind of role models to show them what it means to be loyal,loving ,tenderhearted kind caring and true. What we see is selfabsorbed haters full of venium,which reminds me,jezebel 's spirit was the same in the bible .Fame and money has made you all stoop to any level .All for the love of money you have sold the true worth of a real black woman, who are you? mothers and grandmothers the cost you will pay later was it worth it. Think women of Atlanta HW what positive message are you representing to the young girls,will you regret this when you look back over your life ,I think so

@ amanda

Your children should look at you as a role model, not a celebrity or entertainer!


Well said. I think its time for Mrs. Nene to hit the road. She is messy, rude, and a touble maker. Nene is the type to throw rocks and hide her hands. You can tell that she came from nothing. When you got it you got, its no need to go around and be arrogant. You dont see Kandie acting like that and she diffently has it. These women are given ATL women a bad look. Porsha needs to step down as well I dont think she is ready for the big league.


Listen folks will still watch..Nene knows Sheree is not the one!! She could never control her from the start.Watch the 1st/2nd shows.Sphere dismissed her.She hated that,that's why she was glad she left.Plus Bravo is getting over her.She is too over the top with her attitude. That's going to be her downfall! Phaedra will be let go soon too.Kandi,had some money.But,she is making more money from be seen with bravo and has been extending her entrepreneurship to the fullest. NOW..That she is married and talking baby.She is out too. I think it's due time for some new real sassy,but classy altl peaches. THESE peaches are rotten and need ones are needed.