Selena Gomez: Short Hair Is Hot!

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Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, right?

We're gonna let you finish, Selena Gomez, but Taylor Swift had the best hair reveal video of all time.

But Gomez took a page out of her BFF's playbook to reveal her new, shorter hairstyle on Instagram today. The video shows the Most Elegant Princess in the World hanging out with friends, having tea... you know, just girl stuff.

Gomez went on an Instagram purge last week that included axing friends Kylie and Kendall Jenner from her life due to her desire to lose the negative influences holding her down. (But she's still clinging to Justin Bieber...)

Apparently her hair was a negative influence as she shed several inches of her long locks.

Her new look could be a haircut, or it could just be that she's had her extensions removed. OR she's pinned the rest of her hair back to make the front LOOK shorter. 

Either way, Selena Gomez' shorter hair is hot! But she could probably do anything except pull a full Britney or any of these crazy celebrity hairstyles and still look great.


She unfollowed everyone she had on Instagram, and now they are all branded as "bad influences". A totally mean and unfair thing to do.and hey, who was in rehab, Selena? They weren't! But hey, she's a little innocent Princess, right? So instead she runs these narcissistic Instagrams that are just advertisements to show how sweet and special she is.
She left a 6 week rehab program after just two weeks. Her best and oldest friends, Demi Lovato and Taylor Swift? She dumped them after rehab, probably because they were two of the close friends who reportedly spoke to her about their concerns for her--and were two of the friends who convinced her to go to rehab.
She dumped her parents as managers. Ok. But she didn't tell them, they read it in the news. Now it's reported she was kicked out of the house because she wouldn't stop drinking or give up her relatiomship with Bieber. This was when she was going to his booze and drug parties, stuff like cough syrup with codeine. You have a daughter with a booze problem with a druggie boyfriend (at least back then) yeah, parents might give their daughter an ultimatum.
So now Selena plays the victim. It was her toxic friends, parents, Bieber, those toxic teenager Jenners. I know addiction issues. And Gomez is showing classic addict behavior. Projecting anger--Lovato, Swift etc. Bolting rehab because she's ok, and everyone else is the problem. But then try to "fix" herself by going to church all the time. Because she doesn't have booze problems. She just needs God!
And now the constant Instagram advertisements that"prove" she's ok. New managers to cover up she has any problems. Bring back the innocent Princess image for all her young. Lots of photos of "proper" celebs like Orlando Bloom to hint at possible new boyfriend.
The PR machine is working overtime. Makes her feel ok. No big deal, dumping best friends. And she still has substance abuse problems. Good luck, Princess.

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