Selena Gomez Friends Planning Anti-Justin Bieber "Intervention" ... Will it Work?

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Apparently things are getting so rough for Selena Gomez these days that friends worry about her "toxic" addictions and want to stage an intervention ASAP.

Her drug of choice? Justin Bieber, obviously.

The couple just can't stay away from each other, even if they'd be better off apart, and Selena's friends are growing increasingly worried about her lately.

Given his track record, one can see why.

Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber Instagram

"Their relationship is as toxic as possible," says one Jelena insider. "They love each other, then they hate each other, then Justin hooks up with other girls."

Sounds about right. Another Gomez friend adds:

"They’ve talked about staging an intervention to get her away from him but [worry] it would only push her closer to him. Until he screws up again there’s not much anyone can do."

Fortunately, that should be what, any day now?

In any case, it sounds like someone needs to kick this habit and in desperate need of relationship rehab ... which she tried before, off course, and it didn't take.

Selena Gomez's rehab trip last year was reportedly due to the star's Ambien, pot, and alcohol use, but insiders say it was really to get herself off the Bieber.

She left before her treatment was completed.

Clearly she's back to this familiar pattern. Soon after exiting treatment, the pair were spotted at Starbucks, then taking Segway rides together like old times.

Then there were some cute Instagram pics. Then they were seen grinding in a dance studio (above). All this after Justin Bieber was arrested in Miami no less.

Speaking of Miami, they were spotted together again this week, with a possibly-drunk rendezvous at the Hit Factory, where he was mentoring a singer.

Where is this headed? Does anyone know for sure?

All we can say is that there's likely little her friends can do, as someone who refuses to disentangle herself from a bad relationship needs to do it alone.

What good would an intervention do at this point?

When it comes to Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez, you just have to sit back and let it run its course, while hoping she comes to her senses ASAP.

Justin and Selena back together: Good idea?


Justin sure has a happier face in the photo with the other girl. She is so much prettier than Gomez. Without makeup artists. proper lighting and camera angles, plus 22 takes Gomez is average looking at best. She was hired as a child star, as a adult that round face is not so sexy. He must be with her now because of that court thing and bad public opinion. As a famous, rich young male he must be so tired of her little fat faced chipmunk cheeks by now, He probably starts the fights just so he has an excuse to date beautiful girls.


As long as he is not putting his hands on her, they are fine. They are both grown. They want to be with each other. There is nothing anyone else can say and do. Just leave both Bieber and Selena Gomez alone.


leave them alone, we all have had that first great love and maybe they will help each other her more than him as he obviously spiraled out after they broke up, this usually happens in a teenage love affair and if everyone would back the i am sure it will work it's way out with good consequences as do all young loves, let them run their course.


If they were REALLY staging an "intervention" why the hell would a gossip site know before it happened? Isn't the point of an intervention to SURPRISE the person needing the intervention? It would be pretty difficult to follow through with said intervention if everyone & their Mama talking about it. Eventually it would get back to Selena and she'll really steer clear of her friends & family and stick w/ JB... Right?


EDEN you asshole look at the pictures and shut your stupid mouth................


so far Justin has walked on all the criminal acts because the cops didn't have the balls to arrest him or reduced the charges because of who he is. just goes to show you if your rich our laws don't mean shit and you can buy your way out. well he is going to have to buy is way out of the law suit and I hope the pap takes him for a lot then maybe he will see he can't go around kicking people in the stomach. maybe after selena's testimony and all the crap comes out about what an asshole he is people will see the low life trailer trash is not a ROLE MODEL for kids and he will be deported. Justin is a poor white boy becoming rich and now all the blacks he has hung out with have taught him he can do as he pleases and does not have to obey the laws because he is rich now. when you have bad role models you become a bad role model. I wouldn't doubt it PRISCILLA after all he thinks he can have selena anytime he want's because he is the man and she must obey the man and it looks to me like he has her convinced of that....................


Grow up Priscilla and stop spreading stupid rumors, you twat.




In the pic with the closeup of justin and selenas faces her nose and upper lip look swollen? Was it from a heavy makeout sesh or has justin chosen to take a page out of his buddy chris browns book?


Kidz will be kidz !!!!

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