Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber: The Late-Night (Drunken?) Miami Rendezvous

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Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez are totally back together, as evidenced by these photos of them meeting up in Miami last night ... but is she off the wagon?

The pop brat ordered up a little late night delivery to his recording studio in the form of the stunning Selena Gomez, who looked a little worse for the wear.

Scroll through the photo gallery below to see just what we mean ...

Bieber was spotted outside the Hit Factory when a woman approached with Selena on her arm. Selena appeared to be holding onto the woman tightly.

Her eyes were closed as well, as she appeared out of it, although once she got to the door of the recording studio, the beauty entered without assistance.

She seemed alright in an Instagram shot from inside the building, too.

Selena can be seen in a cropped white T-shirt and a thigh-slit pencil skirt in a pic with 15-year-old Madison Beer, a young Justin Bieber protege.

We feel sort of bad for Madison Beer ... awesome name, though.

They've been in the studio recently, working on a song called "Unfamiliar." Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez are clearly quite familiar with each other.

As they've grown closer than ever in recent weeks, her friends and family are reportedly not too happy about a rekindled romance they feel has become "toxic."

Speaking of toxic, Selena reportedly entered rehab last year for addiction issues and exhaustion, but left before completing her recommended treatment.

Think she's back off the wagon now? Was she ever back on it?

It's all very unclear, but you can understand why family and friends are concerned, given the 21-year-old star's obvious addiction to at least one thing:


Never forget we are constantly bombarded with Media Lies and Hater BS.
Selena is a very high maintenance princess. What you see IS what you get.
There is way more to Bieber than a singer. Buffet, Forbes and TIME see it.
Selena’s Family and BFFs ultimatums are now becoming very regrettable.
At the end of the day the one most likely to crash and burn is Selena.
Selena's Family and BFFs can't save her but Bieber can, if he wants to!


They are no worse than many young couples who have problems breaking up. They just have more money and luxuries than the average person. This has to run its natural course, which it obviously hasn't. And it affects no one but it affects no one but the two of them.


move on selena if justin cared about you he shoud be flying all round the word for you . he a dick


People in love are willing to go across the sea to be with their lovers.
Selena and justin trully love each other. He seems so sad when they brake up and so happy when she's arround. He can have as many girls as he wants but he only loves Sel, so far. I hope they learn to trust each other and to resist temptation... Los amo!!


can't believe she flew all the way across the country to meet up with that low life loser and user. will that girl ever learn that with all the girls throwing them self at him he does not need her do you see him flying across the country for her. he must really have her mine screwed up for her to continual running after him. Selena the little toy boy is gone only the asshole remains its time for you to quit being used on move on............


She is just as pathetic as he is ! Such a shame what fame and fortune has made these kids become. At this rate they won't make it beyond 30 !


She is just as pathetic as he is ! Such a shame what fame and fortune has made these kids become. At thus rate they won't make it beyond 30 !

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