Rihanna Mocks Karrueche Tran on Twitter; Chris Brown Exes Still Feuding

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Rihanna is dating Drake these days and since she's in a new relationship and stoned around the clock, you'd think she wouldn't have the time or energy to beef with her ex's exes.

You would be wrong:

The masterful artwork on the right is a drawing that RiRi posted to Instagram shortly after Karrueche Tran (the on-again, off-again girlfriend of Chris Brown) posted the photo on the left.

It may seem lame that Rihanna has stooped to kindergarten methods to insult her romantic rival, but we think that's part of the diss:

Rihanna seems to be saying to the world that Karrueche is so beneath her she's not even gonna take the time to think of a clever way to put her down.

The feud between these two has been going on so long, you'd think they were fighting over the perfect man, but no, Chris Brown is in jail at the moment, locked up until at least June for a probation violation stemming from the famous incident in which he beat the crap out of Rihanna before the 2009 Grammy awards.

At this point, we're guessing the rivalry between Rihanna and Karrueche has nothing to do with Chris. We're also guessing it won't be settled any time soon. 


Like I said before...Rihanna has ISSUES. Stay away from jealous Nuts. They r dangerous. All that money, beauty, any sane person with their head screwed on tight, would be much too busy for such FOOLishness!


I'm so sick and tired of all this Rihanna said this Karrueche said that mess it's ridiculous. All gossiping sites don't have shit else to talk about leave them alone. Yall reaching for shit now.


Rihanna needs to grow up! Its clear that Rihanna is jealous of this girl, she is on the cover of Vogue but is acting very insecure. Why is she steady following this woman? What's so sad about it, its called BULLYING, and alot of you condon it cause you don't like Tran. Rihanna needs to get somewhere and sit down, count her blessings, cause the only reason she is where she is today because of what happened between her and Chris, yes, I said making money off her abuse, and you stupid stans are atill falling for it. You and her can continue to hate on Tran, at least she is trying hard to make a career out of modeling where as Rihanna had hers handed to her.


What you mean sing shes wack and overrated if it wasnt for her stripping down anfd knowing the right people rih wouldnt be shit she not that good it should be beyonce ladygaga or ciara nit lame ass rihanna shes only a bulky that trys to talk doqn on othet people u dont get why shes so famous shes the one that abuse her fame not chris


I think rih needs to concentrate on drake and pay more attention to drake and if she didnt still want chris she wouldnt worry about .kae so rih is looking pretty dumb right about now


If Karrueche really cares about Chris Brown she should ignore Rihanna. While Chris should not have abused Rihanna it is now obvious that Rihanna pushed his buttons which resulted in the abuse. This does not however give Chris the right to do what he did but he need to stay far from Rihanna. She is no good for him. Karrueche needs to focus on giving him the support that he needs and stay away from social media for a while.


Rihanna really is such a petty bitch! Just a bully who sings - but still a bully!


Umm no. Rih's a witty artist but nope, no resemblance between pic and igdonkey whose now pushing charityline as a #kill-line


This is for that slut how con't make up her mind about justin they both whore'z I'm so hating that kido selena its good taylor left her side she has no1 but the jenner on her side just wait a matter of time till they leave her side also


Rihanna does not have time for this silliness! Stop lying already, KT isn't worth her time

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