Porsha Williams Mug Shot: Most Glamorous Booking Photo Ever!

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Just in time for this weekend's The Real Housewives of Atlanta reunion special, the Atlanta P.D. served Porsha Williams with an arrest warrant last night.

After Porsha's attack on Kenya Moore during the taping, Kenya called the cops and filed a police report. Investigators felt it was worthy of a battery charge.

Fortunately, Williams was given the opportunity to turn herself in, and was able to have her hair and makeup done before posing for this great mug shot:

Porsha Williams Mug Shot

She came, she posted for the most glamorous booking photo we've seen at THG, and she left after posting $2,000 bond, free to go about her business.

All in all, it was a surprisingly drama-free night in the life of Porsha.

Porsha Williams was charged with assault, technically misdemeanor battery, for the attack on Moore, which is teased in the reunion show promo below.

Most likely, a fine, probation and community service are the worst case scenario for her, and the best case is the case being dismissed. Not a huge deal.

From a legal standpoint, it's pretty flimsy. If there weren't video evidence of the Porsha Stewart-Kenya Moore fight, there likely would have been no arrest.

Tension had been building between the two all season prior to this.

Kenya, who called 911 after the incident, also goaded Porsha with attacks on her broken marriage to the point where the former Mrs. Kordell Stewart cracked.

As the trailer shows, Kenya used props: a scepter and a bullhorn to ridicule her reality show nemesis in what is sure to be a ratings boon for Bravo.

Ultimately, though, it's much ado about nothing in terms of crimes being committed or damages being incurred. Just a quality celebrity fight. Nothing more.

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Season 5 reunion when Kenya threaten to do harm to Phaedra when she was pregnant.Bravo Kenya is drama for the show and help boost the ratings but she is crazy,she throw shade but get emtional when it comes back,and Andy why didnt you stop her from pointing that in Porsha face..Andy you could have prevented the whole situation if you wanted to


So was it okay for Kenya to put het hands on Nene
When she was pullung on Nene ear.Kenya have some
serious issues,I dont condone violence but Kenya always
picking and then playing the victim ,and Bravo did yall forget
when Apollo beat Brandon down and broke his ribs..I heard no
mention of kicking him off the show. Kenya got her hair pulled and now
she scared..bye gurl!!!