Nursing Home Stripper Scandal: "Entertainment Night" Results in Lawsuit

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Typically, nursing home entertainment consists of bingo or maybe a movie featuring Humphrey Bogart. The staff at one Long Island home has a very different idea of fun, however, and their odd decision may soon land them in court. 

Nursing Home Stripper

According to TMZ, Frank Youngblood of East Neck, NY is suing an area nursing home after seeing a photo of his 85-year-old mother receiving a lap dance from a male stripper. The photo was reportedly on display in the home's common area as an indication of the sort of "fun" enjoyed by the elderly and infirm residents.

Youngblood says his mother suffers from Alzheimer's and advanced dementia and would have moved away from the stripper were it not for the fact that she's confined to a wheelchair. 

Youngblood claims he later learned that this was not the first time the staff coordinated such an "entertainment night" and he claims the dollar bills his mother unwillingly stuffed in the stripper's underwear were from her personal account. 

A sad story, indeed, but hopefully Youngblood's lawsuit won't ruin this sort of entertainment for seniors who actually enjoy it.

We're sure there are many out there who feel you're never too old for a lap dance and if the Justin Bieber stripper scandal taught us anything, it's that young and old alike can enjoy finding creative placed to stuff dollar bills. 


It looks like those ladies had more fun they would usually playing bingo anywhere together! :)


This guy is looking to make money. The Alzheimer's doesn't mean they don't act out feelings. There is real abuse in nursing home's. Get over it


That is a sad story as many nursing homes get sued for tons of money. They need to put Ted Turner and Rupert Murdoch in nursing homes for having dementia and being mentally off. Then they wouldnt keep on terrorizing innocent people and having them stalked with their nutty media and stupid shit and con-artist game stalkers. Their groups have a special FBI task force that does nothing but investigate them, because of their continual harrassment of people and women.