Nick Cannon: Mariah Carey Doesn't Know Who Kim Kardashian Is!

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Last week, in the style of Lindsay Lohan, Nick Cannon dropped a Nick Cannon sex list of sorts during a radio interview with Howard Stern.

Unsurprisingly, it included talentless reality queen Kim Kardashian, who started sleeping her way to the top way she met Kanye West.

In a recent interview with his America's Got Talent co-star Stern, Nick stated that Mariah doesn't mind when he openly talks about what goes on in their bedroom. 

“She doesn’t care when I talk about our sex life because our sex life is amazing,” Cannon stated.

He went on to admit that Mariah doesn't like hearing about Nick's ex-lovers, even if she's never heard of them before. “She doesn’t even know who Kim Kardashian is,” Cannon said.

“She doesn’t pay attention to that.”

We don't know if Nick means Mariah doesn't "pay attention" to reality TV or talentless famewhores in general, but either way we're jealous! Maybe she can give us tips on how to live in a Kardashian-free world!

Despite their 12-year age difference and Nick's habit of talking about his past sexual conquests in public, Cannon and Carey seem to have one of the most stable relationships in Hollywood.

They welcomed twins Moroccan and Monroe and 2011 and nearly 6 years into their marriage they've been totally free of Jay Z-style cheating rumors

For a reminder of what a bullet Nick dodged, check out some of Kim's most obnoxious selfies:


My boyfriend even knows who Kim K is. He's the same guy who had no idea who Beyonce was. Lol!


Don't worry Mariah you're better looking....


What a spiteful, bitter article. Nick and Kim dating for awhile. This isn't new.


Who cares who Kim Kardashian is? She is a nobody. Ditto for Kyle Jenner. Why is your newsletter about them every day? There are many more personalities I'd rather read about.


the old fat skankkk has dementia-thats why--and that is nasty cow MeMe's standard "dis" on people either more famous than her or the ones she is obsessively jealous of-like JLo


Yeah and I have a bridge to sell you! Good spin Mariah, but not buying it! We know she full of herself, but this just a very stupid remark. People in the darkest deepest jungles know who Kim Kardashian is.


Talentless fame whore indeed!!! But you can't stop writing about her! Am sure none of the writers at THG has the business empire that she does. Ain't that something. Thought the American dream was about overcoming odds, making something out of nothing but you guys are stuck on stupid and that's why Noone will ever remember the name of the writers of this story! #TAKETHATDUMMIES!!

@ Joy

someone has to stop the talentless twitter twatting fame hores-they are hideous -it's all twitter's fault we should blow it up like Colbert did for real-so like warning about a some deadly monkey virus spanning the globe-yeah were are gonna talk about how it needs to be stopped or to protect yourself-now go screw your Kimmie blow up sex doll and put some salve on that horrid rash



@ Mister+Baja

I never get to write anything because you always say what I am thinking.

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