Miley Cyrus Dubbed "The Devil" by Former Neighbors

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Miley Cyrus may be more popular than ever, but there are some who are less than thrilled with the Twerk Queen's recent shenanigans: the residents of Miley's hometown of Franklin, Tennessee.

Miley may be a full-blown Californian these days, but Destiny Hope Cyrus - as she was known in her childhood - spent her first 13 years in Franklin.

London's Daily Mail recently took a tour of Miley's birthplace and found that some residents of the tiny town in central Tennessee are none too proud to claim Miley as a former Franklin girl: 

"The devil has got her," says Judy Reynolds, who once attended church with Miley. "Her actions on stage show me that she lost her way." 

Asked about Miley's love of weed, Reynolds added, "Drugs destroy people. Anything in your life, be it sexual immorality or can be the way of the devil."

When asked to describe the town's reaction to Miley's infamous VMAs performance, Reynolds said simply: "horror."

Another Franklin resident, Kim Cotton, described her disgust with one of Miley's music videos: "When Miley got on that wrecking ball, I don't think she was thinking, "Oh, I shouldn't do that because it's going to hurt Franklin, Tennessee."

No, Kim, probably not. Then again, few pop stars built careers by worrying about how their actions would be received in Franklin.

Another resident bemoaned that Miley went from the "life-giving morality" of Hannah Montana to "off the deep end," adding: "We think of [the Cyruses] more as Californians now.

Yeah, we're guessing Miley thinks of her self that way, too.

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at least she pees/urine while standing, folks!!