Miley Cyrus: Pregnant and Scared?!?!?!?!?!?

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This is so not what Miley Cyrus needs today.

With the artist mourning her dead dog Floyd, Life & Style has come out with a new cover story that claims Miley is PREGNANT & SCARED.

For real, the tabloid alleges that after months of “one-night stands and out-of-control antics,” the singer could be facing the "ultimate consequence: pregnancy!"

Miley Cyrus: Pregnant and Scared?

And is this ultimate consequence ever became a reality, a so-called friend says Cyrus would have quite the dilemma on her hands.

"I don’t think she would even know who the father is, since she has been so promiscuous," the anonymous insider says, adding ominously:

"[Miley] likes to have unprotected sex."

We also know she loves to smoke pot. The combination of these two acts could totally produce a baby.

This totally real pal is "sure" Cyrus "forgets to take her birth control pills" sometimes, according to the cover story, probably because she's too busy Twerking.

We'll keep our eyes on Miley's stomach over the next few weeks and we'll take this hilarious story out of the following gallery if we somehow see it growing, baby bump style:


I like her


Hospitalized for allergic reaction?
More like emergency abortion Cuz she knows that with all the Molly she's had in her system, she's going to have a defective baby..


We also know she loves to smoke pot. The combination of these two acts could totally produce a baby. Guys. Weed + sex = baby. Sex alone doesn't though. Now you know.


Some girls get a kick out of unprotected sex with strange men. A former female friend-with-benefits I know got knocked up the exact same way.

@ Paul

Yep, I know a woman in her thirties who would sleep around and have unprotected sex and obviously eventually got pregnant too.


Milley is sick! It's okay for me to see my outer body but not yours milley! Tweark some were else not in public


This is not believable, I don't think she'd be that stupid


This is disgusting and she should sue that magazine or tweet about it. Yes it's always good to ignore rumors and laugh it off and not have time for them but this story crosses the line.

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