Miley Cyrus Lashes Out at "Lame" Haters, Is "Miserable" in Hospital

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Miley Cyrus isn't too sick to lash out at those are accusing her of pretending to be sick.

Yesterday, the singer was hospitalized after suffering an allergic reaction from a round of antibiotics, forcing her to cancel a concert at Kansas City's Sprint Center.

According to various sources, Miley had started taking medication to deal with an illness that developed after she coped with her dog's recent death by drinking and partying far too much.

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HOWEVER, some believe Cyrus is milking this latest incident in order to avoid performing, considering she’s now also postponed her upcoming show in St. Louis.  

What does the 21-year old have to say about these allegations?

"humans can b so selfish. if any1 thinks id rather b layin n a hospital bed than doing what i love on stage theyre f*ckin LAME," Tweeted Cyrus. "im miserable."

Miley will remain in the hospital through at least today.

"I can’t get a hold of my team because it is so early so I want to be the one to tell my fans especially the ones trekking to get there(tbc)” Miley also wrote.

“the hospital is sayin i wont b released today. therefore Im not going 2 make it 2 St Louis. Im so sorry but somethings are outta my control."

Cyrus is scheduled to take a day off from her Bangerz tour on Thursday and hopes to be back on stage in her hometown of Nashville Friday.


Hideous bitch


'''dos = dogs


The silly b i t c h has brought this thing on herself one way or another...the possibilities are:
1) the rumours are true and she was pregnant and was in hospital to have an abortion so she can go on with her dumb tour
2) she caught a disease because of so much tongue sucking on her dos - yuck!
3) the poor sales ratings for her tour - attendance has been high but only because hundreds of tickets have been given away for free and the original exorbitant price of tickets has dropped in price by over half!
...and Miley can't see the point in going on
4) she is seeking attention to attract more interest in her tour to try and recover financial losses - she'll be back at work non the wiser in two days
5) she has been partying so hard in her tour after parties that it has affected her voice and she needs to have a break


this hospital visit is her excuse for taking a nap?


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