Miley Cyrus Heart Defect: Is Singer on Verge of Death?!?

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According to the singer herself, Miley Cyrus can't stop crying during her ongoing hospitalization.


Miley was placed under doctor's care on Tuesday due to what her rep has described as an allergic reaction to sinus infection medicine.

But In Touch Weekly makes it pretty clear on its latest cover: Cyrus actually has a heart condition that gets worse when she does drugs - and it may prove to be her fatal downfall.

Indeed, Cyrus was “born with a heart defect” and the 21-year old needs to “change [her] life or [she’ll] die,” physicians supposedly say.

The artist's family is in a "desperate race" to save their loved one's life and fans can only pray they are successful.

While we somehow doubt the veracity of this story, it is true that Miley is stuck in the hospital for an unknown period of time.

Miley Cyrus Heart Problems?

She's already canceled two stops on her Bangerz tour and may need to axe a few more in the near future.

There are conflicting reports over just how she arrived in this place, although insiders tell TMZ it all started with her dog's death, as Miley has been off the rails ever since.

What is true and what is a lie meant to boost magazine sales? We ask ourselves that same question every time we look through the following covers:

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She's suffering from heart palpitations because she's been sniffing amyl nitrate at her after parties to help her enjoy the sensation of being f u c k e d up the a r s e as a precaution against getting pregnant... some guys have slipped in the front door once or twice though!


Not sure I believe this story. I think her health may be suffering due in part to drugs and not eating and pushing herself too hard. I would think it's all catching up to her.


hahahahahaha, americans believe anything!!