Michelle Duggar: Still Hoping For Baby #20 Before Age 50!

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Michelle Duggar may be in her late 40s and already raising an astonishing 19 children, but her long-rumored quest to make it an even 20 marches on!

The original rumor was that the stars of 19 Kids and Counting planned to adopt Duggar #20, but according to a new episode of her long-running TLC reality series, matriarch Michelle plans to get pregnant for the twentieth freaking time!

It's been nearly five years since Michelle gave birth to her youngest daughter Josie and she started crankin' 'em out with husband Jim Bob so long ago that the fourth Duggar child recently got engaged, and the eldest has three kids of his own.

Even so, Michelle insists that she and her husband would "welcome another baby if God offered to give us one," adding, "At the same time we're enjoying the ones that we do have and loving our grandbabies." 

Despite the fact that Michelle Duggar suffered a miscarriage in 2011 and her youngest daughter was born severely prematurely at 25 weeks, Duggar stated in a recent interview, "I would be so grateful if the Lord blessed us with another one."

For its part, TLC stated that it plans to continue rewarding people for breeding like bunnies on ecstasy by offering them long-running reality shows. 


some people can't even raise two kids. if they are doing a great job with her kids why are you putting them down. They support their own. I think it's their business.They were having all those kids before TV came along.


I love the duggars.. i do not think she should have another baby for the sake of the baby but if God does give her another i hope it is healthy. .. having children is a blessing


Just spay and neuter these fundamentalists!


I don't know why they keep having kids! The older ones take care of the younger ones. It's not like they are raising them . Kids take care of kids what do they do? I fill bad for the kids.


These people are nuts. No one needs to have more than 2 kids, period!
Too many people already and the whole world needs to apply it. The fact that a network would give this family a tv show about having all these kids is the dumbest network on TV. They prolly air the Kardasians. The idea is annoying, 20 kids. Absolutely ridiculous. Anyone sends them money is an idiot.


You know, I don't believe that she has all these kids because it's about "loving god's gifts" that much. I think she must have some psychological problem because she can NEVER have enough kids!! This family should have never had their own t.v show they're a bad influence just like everything else on t.v.

Terry perry

Back in 2000 on TV there was a Couple who get married in 1900 by 2000 there were now in the family from all the 6 kids they had and the kids they had 1,200 people from these 2 people in 100 years.


Would someone please take these people off of TV and out of the news. What a sick family - too many kids.


Yeah, well I won't be using Century whatever after they grabbed my computer... but, she is hot..... has to be like putting it in a glass of water!! No friction after all those kids shooting out!


Money, Money, Money that's what it's all about.
Mom and dad wants fame and fortune by making babies. They get on tv so tv watchers can pay for their bills. They don't take care of those kids. They cannot possibly give every single one of them unconditional love too many to handle. Older kids are raising the lil ones not mom and dad. Mom and dad wants money and fame and for us long as we're feeding into it they won't stop. She wants another one so that they can make a even bigger news. SICK SICK SICK!!!! worse than OCTOMOM for sure!!!! S.O.Y!!!!

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