Megan Huntsman Charged with Murdering, Keeping Seven Dead Babies in Utah Home

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Megan Huntsman, a 29-year-old Utah woman, has been arrested and charged with murder after seven dead newborn babies were found in her home.

No one noticed when she was pregnant seven different times between the years 1996 and 2006, assuming that she had just gained a little bit of weight.

The discovery was made after her estranged husband discovered one of the tiny bodies, then notified police who investigated and found the additional six.

Megan Huntsman reportedly kept seven different pregnancies a secret so that she could birth the babies and then murder them without anyone knowing.

Somehow, her husband and three children (!) were in the dark about this until yesterday, when Darren West made a horrifying discovery in his own home:

A dead baby inside a box in the garage in Pleasant Grove, Utah.

Darren immediately called the police, and after they searched the house, they horrifyingly discovered six more tiny bodies similarly packed in boxes.

West's estranged wife, Huntsman, was accused of the murders and arrested that very same day. She is in custody and being held on $6 million bail.

Despite seven bodies being discovered, Megan has only been charged with six counts of murder. Reports indicate one baby may have been stillborn.

On the morning of Monday, April 14, State Judge Steven Hansen set a $1 million dollar bail for each count of murder, making Megan’s bail $6 million.

Megan and Darren have been estranged for an unknown amount of time, and they have three children together: one teenager and two young adults.

Their neighbors stated that they noticed her weight often fluctuated, but not once (let alone seven times) did they suspect she might be carrying a baby.

One neighbor mentioned that he had spoken to Darren just two hours before the discovery. Darren told the man he was cleaning out the mess in the garage.

Shortly thereafter, he later discovered a baby’s body.

Investigators have stated that they do not suspect that Megan’s three children or estranged husband knew or were suspicious about her secret pregnancies.

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ummm....where's the editor? She is 39 not 29. If she was 29, she would have been around 11 in 1996.