Love & Hip Hop Sex Tape: Mimi Shower Rods in High Demand Nationwide!

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Mimi Faust's maneuvering in the Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta sex tape has fans everywhere trying to get their hands on heavy-duty shower rods ASAP.

Seriously. Mimi's shower rod is more than a Twitter hashtag.

Demand is through the roof for the rods (think top of the line, "gymnastics-strength" models), and retailers nationwide can thank the Mimi Faust sex tape.

Mimi's Shower Rod

As you can see, it plays a key role in Mimi & Nikko: Scandal in Atlanta.

Home Depot, Lowe's, Target, and Walmart are struggling to keep up with orders from Georgia (obviously) all the way out to California this week.

Ever since the trailer for Mimi Faust's sex tape came out, people have been racing to purchase their own "supplies" to recreate the Mimi experience.

L&HH co-star Nikko Smith not included, of course.

Supplies are running out across the nation, as a customer at one Home Depot in Georgia reports that they were totally sold out of "Mimi strength" shower rods.

This is not just a fluke, either. Not by a long shot.

A search for "Mimi shower rod" on Twitter pulls up an endless list of people trying to get their hands on one, and in many case unable to do so (bummer).

There's even a humorous Twitter account dedicated to it (@MimiShowerRod), as is customary for Twitter and all things trending on the Internets.

Also, there are Vine video recreations aplenty.

No word on how Home Depot, Lowe's, Walmart, and Target plan to keep up with rising demand, but these things aren't cheap, either. Think $80!

Guess they have to stand up to serious pressure in there. Going to be a lot of thrusting, grinding and pushing up on that thing from what we understand.

Just make sure you attach it right, obviously.


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