Lindsay Lohan Terry Richardson Photos: Black-and-White Chain Smoking Hotness!

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Well, it looks like someone besides Oprah is still interested in working with Lindsay Lohan.

Celebrity photographer and creepy uncle impersonator Terry Richardson released a new series of Lindsay pics shot in his trademark stripped-down style.

We think Linds actually looks pretty good here. Of course, anyone can appear young and wrinkle free in a washed-out black-and-white glamor shot taken by a professional, but we'll let her have her moment.

As usual, Lindsay was unable to put down her Parliament lights long enough to finish the photo session, but its a testament to Richardson's talent that he's able to make her look somewhat classy even with a cig dangling from her lips.

Sadly, Linds isn't exactly classing it up off-camera as she should reportedly attempted to make a $300 purchase during a break from shooting, only to have her credit cards declined.

With financial woes like that, it's only a matter of time before we see Lindsay return to more interesting photo shoots like the one she did for Playboy.


Lindsay and her hotness days are gone. She wasted her time.

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