Lindsay Lohan: Drunk While Filming Reality Show, Completely Broke

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So we guess it's safe to say Lindsay Lohan's reality show hasn't launched the career comeback she was hoping for.

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Sources close to the show tell Star magazine that the troubled actress was "drinking since almost day one of filming" and consistently failed to fulfill the obligations of her contract. 

"Lindsay agreed to be authentic and give the cameras full access to her life, but she didn't," said the insider. "Instead, she didn't film when she agreed to and did almost no publicity for the show."

To make matters worse, Lindsay's financial woes are reportedly far worse than originally thought. LiLo has already burned through the $2 million she received to film the OWN network series and an anonymous friend claims she's "100 percent broke."

Sources say the reality series and her partnership with Oprah represented Lindsay's last chance - not only to resurrect her lifeless career but also to rehabilitate her horrendous financial situation.

As many expected, Lindsay failed on both fronts - burning cash and bridges in the manner for which she's become notorious. 

"The only money she got was from Oprah and that's over now," says the series insider.

We think Linds may have finally crossed the line between funny f*ck-up and tragic trainwreck.


I don't believe this story. Lindsay hasn't been in the news except for some story about her insulting Jennifer Lawrence. But her partying has come way down. Hope the best for her.


After watching the show I don't believe Lindsay really even wants to work at all cuz she gets up late in the afternoon, stays up all night and the people she is suppose to work for practically have to beg Lindsay to show up. I don't think Lindsay is ready for a big acting role cuz it's like torture working with her cuz she's never on time and doesn't really care mean while all these people are just sitting around hoping Lindsay shows up. Pathetic


Wow, I can smell the bullshit coming from a mile away! Star Magazine's stories are almost always complete and utter bullsh*t, and this is no exception, it's highly unlikely she was drinking since day one of filming without anyone noticing.


I am totally taking Lindsays side on this one. She has the right to keep things private.


She promoted the docuseries on Jimmy Fallon, Ellen, Dave Letterman, her website, her twitter, and her instagram.


I guess the "source" close to the show forgot that she was with a sober companion for the first 2.5 months of shooting the film. The sober companion is a senior counselor at the highly rated Cliffside Rehab. The docuseries has not been her only source of income. Enjoy watching her on 2BrokeGirls this Monday.


And we are surprised because...?


hahahahahahahahaha, HANG LOOSE, honey!!!!!!!!


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