Lindsay Lohan: Drunk and Drugging On Instagram?

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Anyone who knows Lindsay Lohan figured a relapse was in her near future after her reality show was canceled by Oprah.

What's surprising fans, however, is how soon Lindsay went back to the bottle as well her total lack of concern for who knows that she's partying again.

Lindsay Lohan: Cocaine Nose?
Some Instagram users have suggested that Lindsay has visible cocaine in her nostril here. Sadly, we wouldn't be surprised.

Lindsay still lies about her drinking when she's sitting down for a TV interview, but she seems to have no qualms about exposing her own hard-partying lifestyle online.

Some of her Instagram followers have become fed up with Lohan's double life and they've taken to calling Lindsay out for pics in which she's clearly under the influence.

"Thanks for being a disappointment to those of us continuing in our road to sobriety," wrote one user under a photo in which Lohan was posed near a highball glass with a glassy look in her eyes. "Hope the next bottom is isn't the end of the road for ya."

Other fans got even more specific in their indictments. Several zeroed in on a photo in which Lindsay had her held tilted back and commented that they could see cocaine in her nose. 

While none of the pictures offer any hard evidence, Lindsay does appear inebriated in several posts, and at the very least she seems a bit too comfortable hanging out at boozy gatherings for someone who's so fresh from rehab.

It was fans who blew her in after Lindsay got drunk at Coachella at now it seems they're exposing her again on Instagram.

Check out the gallery above for the evidence against Lindsay and tell us what you think:

Is Lindsay Lohan drinking and using drugs again?


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I will stop bashing Lindsayy when Brit Brit stops being a complete PHysco She likes Lindsayy!!!!!!!!!!?? Nt. Britney spears!!!!!!! Diff. Brit!!


Vodka soda is Yummyy who couldn't` stay sober!!! lol!!! Lindsayy can not!! I think coke makes Her a bitch!!


Yeahh That's` Lindsayyy!!! for u!!! Shes` never nt. going 2 be sober and out ! She cn. be such a bitch sometimes that's` why Her and Paris dnt. stay friends bt. When She isn't` such a controlling bitch! They can party!! If paris is cool with Her so AMi bt. I like Lindsayy bt. She dosent` need 2 be a bitch 2 Paris Like SHutupp!!!!??


Thanks to the haters' interest in her, she's always in the news.


This is all a bunch of horseshit, there's zero proof that Lidnsay was drunk during that alleged interview with Kobe magazine(they're most likely never even was such an interview), she wasn't drunk at Coachella either, that was WATER she was drinking, not Vodka Soda like so many idiots claimed. Also these photos prove absolutely nothing, there is ZERO evidence to indicate that she is any way high. This is just another idiotic story designed to appease the naive and gullible bottom-feeders who are praying for Lindsay to fail so they're own pathetic lives have some meaning. Tyler you are a brain-dead piece of shit if I ever met one.


just making sure he has to pay for sex.