Lily Allen: Naked on Instagram!

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Singer Lily Allen usually doesn't engage in the sort of attention-seeking behavior that we expect from pop stars, but a photo Lily posted to Instagram over the weekend is certainly getting plenty of notice.

Lily Allen Nude Photo

From the looks of the photo, it seems Lily was just having some fun in the dressing room and not trying to be provocative, still the Internet and nudity are two great tastes that taste great together, and the photo has been widely circulated in the last few days.

While she appears to be wearing just underwear and a pair of heels, Lily has strategically covered anything that might get her flagged, much in the same way those Selena Gomez naked shots didn't actually reveal any parts of the singer we hadn't already seen.

Very clever, ladies. 

Naturally, parents and conservative religious groups are up in arms over the photo and have been quite vocal about their feelings in online message boards. 

"It's obscene! Kids use Instagram and they do not want to see that!" wrote one parent who apparently has little understanding of why young people use the Internet. Some parents even went so far as to liken the photo to the James Franco-Lucy Clode scandal. 

Man, if these people are this upset over a tasteful Instagram post, someone better tell them to stay off Tumblr. That site is like the New Orleans of the Internet. 


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