Kris Jenner Hospitalization Reason Revealed: What Was the Matter?

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Earlier this month, Kris Jenner was taken by Bruce Jenner to the hospital, sparking rumors of a reconciliation between the estranged couple.

But while most folks chose to focus on the man who accompanied Kris to the hospital, many didn't stop to wonder:

Why was Kris Jenner going to hospital?!?

"Kris was having severe cramps and pains in her stomach and she fainted,” a source tells In Touch Weekly, with sister Karen Houghton telling the tabloid that she's considered about Jenner.

"She’s had too much on her plate for too long,” Houghton tells In Touch.

“How long can you go on like that?"

Seriously, please have pity for Kris Jenner, people.

You think it's easy to rake in millions each year? To call paparazzi and set up photoshoots? To keep pretending that you weren't behind the Kim Kardashian sex tape?

To pose with your kids on the red carpet and make six figures for just standing there? This woman needs a vacation.


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Kris Jenner should be sick after all the cheating,lieing and using her children for her own pocketbook


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Perhaps she saw Bruce's face without her sunglasses on for the first time.


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