Kim Kardashian Splits from Kanye West, Vows to Raise Nori Alone

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It is all over for Kim Kardashian and Kanye West.

In shocking news coming just days after the couple landed its first-ever Vogue spread, Kim has released a statement on Facebook saying she and 'Ye will always be friends, but...

"We're just too different," according to the reality star.

"I live and breathe for the paparazzi and Kanye has trouble walking by a cameraman without punching him in the face."

She does make a point there.

With the Kimye wedding previously set for May 24 in Paris, Kim added that she's afraid of getting divorced for a third time and would rather cut the cord now.

Just the idea of going through those legal machinations again?

"I just can't," Kim wrote.

"It was embarrassing enough after I got married [to Kris Humphries] on national television and then ended that relationship after 72 days. What if I'm just not the marrying type?"

With West so often on the road, Kim says she's scared to be a single mom, but she will rely on her siblings and her well-paid assistants to help raise little Nori.

"It's better to end things now with Kanye instead of waiting until Nori has real memories of her father," Kim added. "I went back and listed to Yeezus and... wow."

"Who would want one's child to associate her dad with some of those lyrics?!?"

More good questions she raises. No word yet from Kanye in response to this unexpected breakup, or from any other members of Kim's family.

And for good reason, too: We made it up! APRIL FOOL'S, everyone!!!!!


April fools!!!. This looks absolutely fake. And people are so butt hurt about it. Sheesh.


yes if the dim witted skankk had a brain she might say something like that-but we know she doesn't so April Fools Bee-yotchhhh


For a moment I thought Kim had come to her senses......


That is sooooo wrong!!!


Man I thought Kim was serious but after reading the bottom it was an April Fool's joke. Hope everything goes well!!!!!!!


OK that was so wrong I was hoping that was true


April Fools day everyone!


This is just as lame a the selena Gomez and Justin bieber on. APRIL FOOLS BITCH!


I knew that she or him would end it before the wedding ever took place she just keeps ending up with losers one day she will find her soul mate one day when she least expects it !

Oscar aleman

Ray J was already unzipping his pants waiting for the whore to open whide.

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