Kim Kardashian Cleavage: The Ultimate Close-Up

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Earlier this week, a lost Kim Kardashian nude photo found its way on to the Internet, as some random Latin magazine published a pic of this reality star from her 2007 Playboy shoot.

Now, though, Kim is taking control of her own private parts... sort of.

The large-breasted celebrity attended an event sponsored by the Ryan Seacrest Foundation last night, donning a VERY form-fitting dress for the occasion.

And, prior to her client setting off for the evening with mom Kris Jenner, stylist Joyce Bonelli posted the following EXTREME close-up of Kardashian’s cleavage for all to peruse:

Kim Kardashian Cleavage Picture

We know: WOWZA!

Interestingly (or, perhaps, obviously), a recent study found that men's idea of the ideal woman is someone who possesses Kim Kardashian's boobs.

We can sort of see why. Okay... we can definitely see why.

Here's a farther back look at Kim in the same outfit at the aforementioned event. We're just glad she's the one wearing it and not Kris.

Kim, Kris, Cleavage

Kim looks like a cheap, low class woman you may find on Hollywood Blvd. What will she do when she doesn't have her "attributes" anymore? Look for a cheap, low class woman with gigantic boobs hanging down to her stomach, her ginormous almost touching the ground . . .


Kim looks just like a cheap, classless whore you would find on Hollywood Blvd. I wonder when she doesn't have her "looks" to depend on, what will she do with the rest of her life? In a few years, look for an cheap, classless whore with drooping boobs and drooping ass , , ,


Looks like an elderly woman's cleavage not one of a 32 year old.


those strong points!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


She keeps trying so desperate. She will never be respected like she wants. I just keep laughing.


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