Kim Kardashian Cheated with Chris Brown: The Word is Out!

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According to a new report, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are already married.

But might Kanye soon be filing for divorce?

The latest issue of celebrity gossip tabloid Life & Style claims that Kim cheated on Kanye soon after they got together in 2012… with CHRIS BROWN!

"The word is out,” an insider tells the magazine. “And Kanye is not just embarrassed, he’s furious."

Well, sure. How could he not be?!?

West allegedly confronted Kardashian about the rumor and “she denied it,” the magazine writes, but Brown is “bragging about it anyone who’ll listen."

Which, apparently, is enough of a reason for Kanye to believe it happened.

Kanye now has serious trust issues when it comes to his fiancee - and the timing couldn’t be worse. They are supposed to be getting married in less than a month.

And Brown allegedly wrote "Loyal" about Kim. Talk about awkward!

It's enough to make you wonder ... if anyone believes this at all.

Way back in 2009, THG did wonder whether or not Kardashian and Brown should date. But we only meant if they were single, not if they were betrothed.

Are you buying this rumor? Should Kanye call off the Wedding of the Century if it's substantiated? Is Chris thinking about Kim on board Con Air as we speak?

And even more importantly, which formidable body part would you be most scared of in a fight, Kim Kardashian's butt or Chris Brown's fists?

Sound off now!

Tiger Woods
Really, everyone else on this list is just playing for second place.

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so he didn't have trust issues when she cheated on her husband with him???


Amazing how when they start to fade a little someone comes up with another OTT news item to keep them in the news. I personally don't care if she's slept with every rapper there is.


That's lie


Kanye please remember how your mother brought you up remember the pains that she went through because of you how wish your mother were are life never this wedding would have hold Kim what kind of wan are you why are you so cheap I mean cheap you an you can't hold yourself Kim Kim gush Kim you are cheap but a toilet, Kanye you have worked so hard why this why this woman why why Kanye why.




Just sho up wit yer poop stik and Kimmy will take care o ya!


She bad, but Tiger Woods is still number#1


Anything you take as shots to make your booty bigger Kim K and Jo Lo or Jo Ho! That is fake, you are born with the blessings and that is call real. So, the only thing that is real with all these women with fake booties or butts is they keep it real being real Ho's that's the only thing, just to let all you men know the real truth. STOP GETTING OVER EXCITING OVER FAKE BUTTS, KEEP IT REAL AND GET EXCITED OVER THE NATURAL BORN BIG BUTTS.THE SOFTNESS OF THE NATURAL BUTTS IS WORTHY TO BE SQUEEZED, SPANKED AND KISSED.


Taking it with a grain of salt, but the evil soul-less she demon in me wants Kim far far away from any means necessary.

@ Dude+Seriously



This white girl or non African-American girl has been a door-mat not a girlfriend nor would she be a wife to any man "NEVER" because, a female who have been a door-mate with wide and open legs that is used to be a wide and open double doors since the age of 15yrs. old will always be a "HO,HO not only for Christmas but, a HO,HO through out the years all her life. Will never be worthy of a woman, you can never take, nor love and don't dare take that HO,HO around family and friends. Take it from a man, these men's never loved this Ho she is white, very easy, dumbo and used up.